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    21 Jul 2004

    "I wish I had your body." They say.
    I blush and thank them, searching for another compliment to return. If I told them what I was thinking they would speak to me like I am a childish fool or smile like I was lying to them. But my body lacks the one proven, universal trait of beauty.
    Symetry. From my head to my feet I'm asymetrical.
    One side of my jaw is sharper than the other, my collarbones are uneven, my ribs are flawed, even my breasts are different. My hips are strange, and the arch of one foot is higher than the other. There's a word for it, a syndrome. All I know is that when I look in the mirror every last one pops out at me, what I see is far from beautiful. I rush past the mirror into the shower and hate to go swimming in public.
    But the thing I hate the most, the one thing I cannot stand is hating my body like this.

    I'm a damn fool, and what's worse is I know it.