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    9 Oct 2008

    My mother's cookbook.
    Prepaid gas cards.
    Sewing lessons.
    Cooking lessons.
    Archery lessons.
    Edit 10/9;
    Books by Vivian Vande Velde, excepting Companions of the Night, Heir Apparent, and A Well Timed Enchantment.
    Trickster's Choice by Tamara Pierce
    Cunningham Exotic Pet Series Jungle Cat Hybrid and Chausie Book.
    Hot Gimmick mangas 1,2,3,5,& 11.
    Clover mangas.
    A PUR tap water filter.
    A DVD player.
    A 51" bowstring.
    An archery target.
    Man on Fire DVD.
    CSI season 2 DVDs.
    Heroes season 1.
    X-Files season 1.
    Gift cards to grocery and book stores.

    The list of things I need or want for my birthday, most of which I don't expect to get. Plus things patched together from old lists.