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    22 Oct 2003

    My empty room and busy city's sounds I hear,
    And only cigarette smell still lingers to remind me you were here...
    That's it, I know.. You are gone for good.
    I sensed it last night in your mood…
    As "Replikas" played on the background,
    You lied next to me and made no sound,
    Your fingers tapped the rhythm beat,
    Our worlds were lost and couldn't meet,
    Two different minds with different souls,
    With different values and different goals…
    Beer and guitar is all you seek,
    The air of Taksim* makes your heart beat,
    The music's all you need in life,
    There's no time for love... I won't even try...
    I put on your t-shirt... still smells like you.
    The memories flow and not just a few..
    I won't forget a single word, a single touch or kiss,
    I will go on in life... But it's you I'm gonna always miss...

    *Taksim - music district in Istanbul, Turkey