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  • Fight
    3 Feb 2004

    Alone again... just me and empty room.
    And only images of windy steppes gloom
    Stay in my mind, remind of home
    And tell me that I am here alone

    I hear 'em say - doesn't matter what you try
    This place will always be the reason to cry
    Things won't change here with time
    And only you will change or die.

    I feel like alien in this land
    I can't be me here, I have to change
    But I can't take it anymore,
    My mind is shaky at its core

    The strings are tight and ready to tear
    And if they will, I'll disappear
    I'll find my peace at other place
    Probably among the darkness of space

    But no - I say - it's just a bad dream
    I'll wake up soon, with just a scream
    And I'll hear a whisper through the night
    "You will be fine.. you have to fight"

    hmm.. depressing...