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  • Red Ricky Gould
    27 Jun 2004

    Ricky Gould came home one day,
    Quite unexpectedly,
    Everybody's jaws dropped open,
    He'd been in Attica you see.

    "Hey Ricky honey what's going on?"
    Asked his loving wife Madine,
    Ricky replied with a scowl on his face,
    That he was back on the scene.

    'Red' Ricky Gold the fastest kid,
    Who ever came from our school,
    Got involved with the mob,
    But they played him for a fool.

    August tenth just last year,
    Him, me and a guy named Frank,
    Walked out onto Calico street,
    With the intention of robbing a bank.

    I was driving, Ricky was talking,
    Frank was handling the crowds,
    The whole gig was tightly planned,
    As that kind of thing allows.

    The pair walked in cool as ice,
    And up to the counter walked Red,
    But Frank turned his back on the wrong guy,
    And he shot off the back of his head.

    I just panicked and drove away,
    Leaving Ricky at the roadside,
    He got caught and an open and shut,
    Saw the young guy put inside.

    His employers didn't help him,
    They left him there to rot,
    But Red Ricky gold was alive,
    And those things he never forgot.

    At eleven AM that morning,
    Just before he got to his wife,
    He came round to Bernie's bar,
    And went about ending my life.

    He beat ol' Bernie black and blue,
    And told him that he'd escaped,
    He broke his legs and his hand,
    And covered his mouth in tape.

    I came out of the back room,
    And stared at this crazy kid,
    He grinned wide and looked at me,
    And showed me what he did.

    I reached for my pistol a moment to late,
    And he put a hole in my chest,
    He took the cash from the register,
    And set fire to all the rest.

    He called around to the boss's son,
    And left a note pinned to his head,
    One by one he was killing us off,
    That wild eyed killer called Red.

    But something changed when he got home,
    Asking Madine to clean off the blood,
    He said he'd nailed Bernie and me,
    And he was going after all the hoods.

    His faithful wife went to get a cloth,
    But stopped in her bedroom,
    She had something to show him,
    And she had to do it soon.

    She came back in with a tear in her eye,
    Holding a pearl handled gun,
    Tears ran down her cheeks,
    As she told him what she'd done.

    Ricky listened as his blood went cold,
    To the tale of how me and her met,
    And how I'd looked after his kids,
    And that she could not forget.

    Before he could stand and grab her,
    The air was filled with noise,
    Red Ricky Gould fell to the floor,
    To join the rest of his boys.

    Now Ricky, me, Frank and Bernie,
    And the bosses departed son,
    Are all sitting in wherever this is,
    playing cards and spinning the gun.

    (Taken from Riviera Street Corner)