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  • August
    24 Jun 2004

    Once more for the road again,
    Back in the wildest surrounds,
    I met you in the tall grass,
    In the ruined monastery grounds.

    You said that you remembered me,
    And I thought "Gee I'm glad,"
    The kid with ink on his left palm,
    Who'd left you feeling sad.

    You asked me why I was so scared,
    And I replied "Then or now?"
    You laughed that I was no different,
    And at the serious lines on my brow.

    We sat on the stones in the evening,
    And I had a question to ask you,
    Bout how you had got here,
    And the answer you said I knew.

    "Okay I'm avoiding the subject,
    And I know that I can't win,
    Everything happens for a reason,
    But to lose you twice is a sin."

    "Look just don't be like that,"
    She shook her head with a sigh,
    I watched as the breeze blew her hair,
    And I tried to avoid her brown eyes.

    As the sunlight gradually faded
    I knew that you had grown stronger
    And you said you had to go,
    And I begged you to stay longer.

    But everything has its limits,
    Or so they'd have you believe,
    And you told me to be thankful,
    That we had this one reprieve.

    (Taken from Riviera Street Corner)