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  • No more tears
    Christophe C.
    2 Jun 2002

    Just got home,
    Had fun with some friends,
    Now I'm alone,
    The dream ends...

    Reality begins,
    The thoughts get through,
    All I can think of,
    Involves you...

    I'm sitting here,
    In the dark,
    Wondering how it could have been,
    The lonleyness has left it's mark...

    As long as I'm distracted,
    Everything's fine,
    But now I'm alone,
    Confronted with those thoughts of mine...

    My eyes are closed,
    Everything has lost it's meaning,
    Why should I keep on going,
    What can I do to end this feeling...

    All I can feel,
    Is misery and pain,
    The broken pieces of my heart,
    Are the only things that still remain...

    My heart broken,
    My illusions lost,
    Love can be beautiful,
    But at what cost...

    Your voice shoots through my head,
    I remember you smiling at me,
    Now I know what they mean,
    When they say the best things are free...

    I keep on wondering,
    Where can she be,
    All my other feelings vanquished,
    By the pain of missing you here with me...

    So I sit here,
    Everything 's been said,
    Staring in the distance,
    With no more tears to shed...

    Good friend of mine wrote this, great piece