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American History X
David McKenna

RASMUSSEN: Three years ago a local kid named Derek Vinyard gets sent up for murdering a couple of Crips who were trying to jack his car. Bob taught Vinyard back in high school and has followed the case closely.

YOUNG COP: He was a skinhead, right?

SWEENEY: Derek was more like... the skinhead. He and Cameron Alexander.

COP #2: Who?

RASMUSSEN: Cameron Alexander is probably the biggest writer and distributor of white power literature in LA County. He promotes white power bands, writes reviews, columns, all at the ripe age of forty.

YOUNG COP: He's forty? Jesus.

RASMUSSEN: Pretty clean record... runs everything out of his house down by the beach.

SWEENEY: There weren't any organized white gangs around Venice before those two hooked up. Very few, if any. It was mostly just black and Mexican. But it was tiny. They hit it off though... and Alexander hit the jackpot with Derek.

REPORTER: To my right I have Lieutenant Vinyard's oldest son Derek. How do you feel about all this, son?

DEREK: How do I feel? How do you think I feel? It's typical.

REPORTER: Typical how, Derek?

DEREK: Well... look at our country. It's a haven for criminals. Black... brown... yellow... whatever.

REPORTER: So you're saying the murder of your father is "race" related?

DEREK: Every problem in this country is "race" related. Every problem, not just crime. These problems are rooted in the black community, the Hispanic community, the Asian... every non- Protestant group in our society. Look at the shit. Immigration... welfare... AIDS... they're all the problems of the non-white. Look at the statistics.

REPORTER: Most of these issues you're referring to though son are related to--

DEREK: No no no! Don't say poverty right now cause that's not it. They're not a product of our fucking environment either! Minorities don't give two shits about this country! They're here to exploit... not embrace.

DEREK: Millions of white Europeans came to this country and flourished within a generation! A generation! So what the fuck is wrong with these people?!

REPORTER: What does any of this have to do with your father?

DEREK: Because my father was doing his fucking job! Saving a nigger neighborhood he didn't give two shits about! And he got killed by some drug dealer who still collects a fucking welfare check.

RASMUSSEN: Vinyard was quietly released from Chino on Saturday after three and some odd years. And I think it's something we might want to keep an eye on for a few days.

SWEENEY: I don't wanna be an alarmist. But payback is out there. I know it is. And in this particular case... if Vinyard gets popped... more people will get popped.

RASMUSSEN: It's not exactly LAPD policy but I want 24-hour surveillance on Vinyard for a few days.

COP #2: Twenty-four hour surveillance, sir?

RASMUSSEN: Just for a few days.

ANOTHER COP: He doesn't sound like Mr. Lovely here, Captain. You want us to bust him or protect him?

SWEENEY: I don't think Vinyard's gonna be the one to start anything. It's his following.

MURRAY: I do not have a problem with him as an individual, alright!?

SWEENEY: Oh shit Murray sure you do. You hate this kid.

MURRAY: This paper is a travesty, Bob! Arguing for Hitler as a civil rights hero?! You've gotta draw a line.

SWEENEY: Murray... it says in your syllabus that they could do their report on any book related to the struggle for Civil Rights.

MURRAY: Oh come on, Bob!

SWEENEY: Let me finish! He needs help... I'm not disputing that. But I read it and I'm not going to throw him out.

MURRAY: His brother probably put him up to it.

SWEENEY: I can guarantee you his brother didn't have anything to do with it, Murray.

SWEENEY: He was a student of mine. Honors English. He was a great student... like you... but he hung out with scumbags. Also like you. That's why he ended up in the pen, hunh? Great writing. I can't correct it though. It wreaks too much of shit.

DANNY: Come on, man! I followed directions and wrote an "A" paper. It's got nothing to do with Derek.

SWEENEY: Everything you do now has something to do with Derek. Who told you to do this?

DANNY: Let us get on with our lives, man!

SWEENEY: Hey, I'm not worried about Derek - he can take care of himself. I'm worried about his little brother. Mein Kampf, Dan? I should expel you!

DANNY: Do it. What? You don't think I could handle it?

SWEENEY: The street would kill you, Danny. You're not tough. The second a brother pulls a gun on your ass you'll be holierin' for Doris. So here's the drill. Take it or leave it cause I'm sick of babysitting. I'm your history teacher from here on out. We're gonna deal with shit happening right now. Call it American History... X. I see your ass once a day. Any more, any less, and you're a ghost at Venice High. Clear?

DANNY: It took me a week to read Mein Kampf. Come on, Sweeney.

SWEENEY: My name is Dr. Sweeney. And I want another paper on my desk tomorrow.

DANNY: What am I doing it on then?

SWEENEY: It's not a "what", it's a "who."

DANNY: People look at me... and they see my brother. That's how things have gone since the murder of our father... Venice Beach, man. It didn't always look like this. I mean... our Dad used to take us down here to run... and it was cool. Derek fucking owned this place. Since then though... the gangs, man - they've moved west from Inglewood and South Central and have really just... taken over. Especially at my high school. The Venice Locos are big too but they hang out in bumfuck Mar Vista. It's scary. And then there's The Disciples of Christ. The D.O.C.

DEREK: I got a bet. I come in, same score now, first one to ten. Black boys against the white boys.

LAWRENCE: Name your price, Cracker.

DEREK: No money... for the court. We win, you grab your shit and find a different place to run. Not just today... forever. You win, and we don't come back. No hitching, no fighting, here in front of everyone. Six-eight, our ball.

DANNY: It was only the beginning. Derek once told me that minorities would take America over one day. That white people are too afraid. Maybe he was right.

BLACK WOMAN: Maybe now whites will understand the motives behind people like Malcolm X and the Black Panthers. Just put the shoe on the other foot. Derek Vinyard deserved the death penalty for what he did to that young man! And now he walks the street as free as you and I.

DAVINA: Hurry up and leave, Goodyear. You've taken your dump now go.

SETH: Listen to you. You callin' me a blimp, you fuckin' Democrat?!

DAVINA: Yes! I am!

SETH: Sit down. I wanna ask you some questions.

DANNY: I got homework, Seth.

SETH: Two fucking seconds, dude! Tell me your convictions.

DANNY: Fuck off.

SETH: Tell me some of the shit you've learned fuckbrain or I'll pistol-whip you.

DANNY: About Adolf?

SETH: About anything. What do you believe in?

DANNY: I believe in filth and destruction and chaos and death and greed.

SETH: What else?

DANNY: I believe in my family.

SETH: Why?

DANNY: "Respect your father and your mother. Whoever curses your mother and father... is to be put to death." Matthew 15-4.

SETH: Good. What else? Tell me what I want to hear, asshole.

DANNY: You mean that stuff about your mother?

SETH: Do you believe in Adolf?

DANNY: Yeah, man. I believe in Adolf.

SETH: What do you hate, Danny?

DANNY: I hate everyone that isn't white Protestant.

SETH: Why? And say it with some fucking conviction!

DANNY: Because they're a burden to the advancement of the white race. Some of them are all right--

SETH: None of them are all right, Danny. They're all a bunch of fucking freeloaders. Remember Canuneron. "We don't know them, we don't want to know them, they're the fucking enemy." What don't you like about them?

DANNY: I don't know. I feel threatened by them.

DAVINA: They feel threatened by you!

SETH: What else, Danny? And speak intelligently you little queer faggot.

DANNY: I hate the fact that it's cool to be black these days.

SETH: Good.

DANNY: I hate this hip hop influence on white fuckin' suburbia.

SETH: Good!

DANNY: I hate Hillary Clinton and all of her Zionist MTV pigs telling us we should get along. Save the rhetorical bullshit honey, it ain't gonna happen.

SETH: That's the best shit I've ever heard come out of that mouth.

DAVINA: I feel sorry for you, Danny.

SETH: Shut up, Davina.

DAVINA: You shut up, you poison to fuckin' society! Get out of our house!

DEREK: Did you do a book report on Mein Kampf?

DANNY: What's it to you?

DEREK: What's it to me?

DANNY: I mean... how'd you find out?

DEREK: None of your fucking business how I found out.

SETH: I thought it was a great idea.

DEREK: That figures. You're more stupid than he is.

SETH: It's nice to see you too, man.

DEREK: Why'd you do it, Dan? Because of Seth.


DEREK: Cameron?

DANNY: I did it cause I felt like it.

DEREK: Oh, you do everything you feel like? I feel like smacking you in the fucking head. Would you mind if I did a report on that?

DANNY: Uhhh... yeah.

DEREK: Get a clue, you dumbshit. Hey! Look at me! Don't be a dickhead. Sweeney cares about you.

SETH: Sweeney does? Since when?

DANNY: Was that him on the phone?

DEREK: Yep. So wise up. You hear me?

SETH: Sweeney's a fuckin' nigger on a power trip, Vinyard. That's what he was like when we were there and that's how he is now. It'll never change either. A nigger is a nigger.

DANNY: Are you gonna to live or what, Mom?

DORIS: I need a cigarette.

DEREK: My ass. You smoke two packs a day. That's why you're spittin' phlegm.

SETH: Jesus, Mrs. Vinyard. I think a lung just came up.

SETH: Hurry up. I'm starving.

DAVINA: What else is new?

DAVINA: "American History X? Take home paper as assigned by Principal Robert Sweeney?" Why is he giving you homework? What happened to Murray?

DANNY: Asshole turned me in.


DANNY: Just read.

DAVINA: "Describe in detail your opinion of the historical event that took place in the early morning of October 4th, 1993." What's that?

DANNY: The night Derek wasted those guys.

DAVINA: Sweeney gave you this?


DAVINA: "Before and after... how has this event helped or hurt your present perspective concerning life in contemporary America. Use the standard five paragraph format, blah blah blah - this'll be good for you...

DEREK: What the fuck, Curtis? You a fuckin' nigger now? Want some crack?


DEREK: Pull your fucking stupid head out of your ass then.

DEREK: Alright listen up! We need to open our eyes. There is over two millions illegal immigrants bedding down in the state tonight. The state spent three billions dollars last year on services for those people who had no right to be here in the first place. Three billions dollars. 400 millions dollars just to lock up a bunch of illegal immigrant criminals who only got in this country because the fucking INS decided it's not worth the effort to scream for convicted felons.

Who gives a shit? Our government doesn't gave a shit. Our border policy is a joke! So is anybody surprised that those at the south of the border are laughing at us, laughing at our laws. Every night thousand of these parasites stream across the border like some fucking pinata bodies.

Don't laugh! They're nothing funny going on here this is about your life and mine. It's about decent hard-working Americans falling into the cracks and getting the shaft because their government cares more about the constitutional rights of a bunch of people who aren't even citizens in this country.

On the Statue of Liberty it says: "Give me your tired, your hungry, your poor." Well, it's Americans who are tired and hungry and poor. And I say, until you take care of that, close the fucking book. 'Cause we're losing. We're losing our rights to pursue our destiny. We're losing our freedom. So that a bunch of fucking foreigners can come in here and exploit our country. And this isn't something that's going on far away. This isn't something that's happening places we can't do anything about it. It's happening right here, right in our neighborhood, right in that building behind you.

Arthur Mill ran this store since we were kids here. Dave worked there, Mike worked there. He went under and now some fucking Korean's who fired these guys and he's making a killing 'cause he's hired forty fucking border-jumpers. I see this shit going on and I don't see anyone doing anything about it. And it fucking pisses me off. So look around you. This isn't our fucking neighborhood, it's a battle field. We are on a battle field tonight. Make a decision. Are we gonna stand on the sidelines quietly standing there while our country gets rape? Are we gonna entite up and do something about it? You're god damn right we are.

DEREK: Fuck you, Murray. White men don't cruise the streets of LA killing each other.

MURRAY: No. You guys make bombs.

DEREK: You're so fucking lame. A couple of cranks in cabins in Montana is not statistically significant. White Americans don't take PCP and drink and drive a hundred and twenty fuckin' miles an hour! We pull over and trust the law.

MURRAY: You're kidding, right?

DAVINA: Don't you know, Murray? White people never break the law. We're perfect little angels.

DEREK: That's not what I said, Davina. Three different times Rodney King comes at those officers with the intent to hurt them. To hurt them! Three times! But since we see it on some fucking tampered videotape... the bleeding heart media makes you believe that he only comes at them once. All we see is Powell, Koon and Wind hittin' him and - Briseno kickin' him in the back of the fuckin' skull with his boot. Still, the dumbfuck's tryin' to get up and kick their asses! That's how stupid that motherfucker is. Those cops used textbook-solid tactics and if Dad were still here he'd say the same damn thing.

DORIS: That doesn't make it right.

DEREK: Yes it does. Yes it does. They're cops! They are taught to use that stick and they did.

MURRAY: Excessively.

DEREK: No. Appropriately. Appropriately! Cops have been granted a certain amount of authority by society and white people, unfortunately, are the only ones who acknowledge it. I acknowledge a cop's authority.

DAVINA: Look who's talking about respecting the law? Mr. K.K.K. here.

DEREK: That's two errors in one sentence, Davina, so take a fucking course in semantics. First error - I didn't say I respect the law. I said I respect a cop's authority. Second error... I'm not a member of the fuckin' low rent, disorganized, redneck Ku Klux Klan.. Pull your head outta your ass and look at who you're dealing with.

MURRAY: Don't speak to her that way, Derek.

DEREK: Murray, stay out of it. You're not a member of this family and you never will be.

MURRAY: What the hell does that have to do with anything?

DORIS: You know... sometimes it's hard to believe I gave birth to you.

DEREK: Give thanks to the food on the table and then believe it, Doris.

DORIS: We both put food on this table, fella.

DEREK: True enough. The point is... if Dan was walking across the street that night and Rodney King plowed into him -

DORIS: Can we forget about Rodney King for chrissake?!

DEREK: - while hopped up on Chivas and P.C.P... you'd consider the force those cops used to be justified!

DORIS: He didn't hit anybody!

DEREK: If he did though! If that shithead killed Dan... you would have believed the beating to be justified and so would everybody else. But since he didn't hit anyone... it's "Hands Across America" for the son of a bitch. We are still so hung up in this notion that we have an obligation to help the struggling black man and all you contribute to it! Lincoln freed the slaves a hundred and thirty years ago! Get off your fucking asses!

DEREK: Out of respect for my mother... I'm gonna let that comment go, Murray. I won't bash your face in. But let me tell you somethin'... man to fuckin' mouse here. Normally in a situation like this I'd take my steel-tips to your fucking Jewish temple. That goes for anyone making comments about me, my family, Stacey, whomever. You know and I know that I could crush that puny fuckin' skull of yours in a second. So it's beyond me why you would say something like that without being able to back it up? What's worse, you sack of shit, is you calling the woman I love a liar.

MURRAY: I never said she was a liar.

DEREK: Weasel like that again Murray... you fuckin' ponytail, pussy, bagel eating, teacher, faggot... and I'll cut your shylock nose off. Make no mistake.

DANNY: What?

DORIS: What? I'm not allowed to look at you anymore?

DANNY: No. You're not.

DORIS: Daniel Patrick! Stop it! Are you ever gonna let that beautiful hair grow back?

DANNY: Nope. Never.

DORIS: I bet you will.

DEREK: You fucked with the wrong bull.

LAWRENCE: Goddamn, man!

DANNY: Let the cops handle it, Der!

DEREK: Fuck that. The cops will let him walk.

DEREK: Ever shoot at firemen, you fuck? Open your mouth and put it on the corner of the curb. I'm gonna teach you a little lesson.

DANNY: Derek!?

DEREK: Get in the fucking house, Dan!

LAWRENCE: Come on, man. Call an ambulance.

DEREK: My dad gave me that truck, motherfucker. Couldn't leave well enough alone. Put your mouth on the corner of the fucking curb!

DANNY: Joseph Conrad once wrote that "murder is always with us. It's almost an institution." That couldn't rang more true than with me.

DANNY: Bobby Lawrence died of massive head trauma early that morning.

DANNY: Six months after that... Derek was convicted and sentenced to seven years for voluntary manslaughter... to be served at the California State Penitentiary in Chino.

Prosecutors wanted murder one for my brother's torture method... but there wasn't enough "premeditated" evidence.

Over the next year we'd lose our house and the rest of our father's pension to attorney fees. My mother... much to all of our surprise... stood by Derek.


DANNY: Yeah?

SWEENEY: Dr. Sweeney.

DANNY: What's going on?

SWEENEY: Nothing here. Is everything all right over there?

DANNY: Everything's fine.

SWEENEY: How's it comin'?

DANNY: I'm doing it right now.

CMRIS: Who is it, dude?

DANNY: It's Sweeney.

CHRIS: Who?! Why is he calling here!? Fuck you, Sweeney! Asshole!

JASON: Get a fucking job, you reggie!

DANNY: You fuckers are going to get me booted! Dr. Sweeney? I'm sorry, man.

SWEENEY: Just make sure it's on my desk tomorrow, Danny.

DANNY: It'll be there, alright!?

SWEENEY: It better be.

SETH: You're an idiot if you ask me.

DEREK: I'm not asking you.

SETH: What if he writes something stupid and that nigger turns you in? Jesus. He didn't testify, Der. They can use that shit and re-try you.

DEREK: Sweeney's not gonna do anything, Seth. He helped get me released. I'm out, Seth. I'm only going to tell you this once so pay attention. I'm done, Seth. I don't want you to come near me... near Dan... I want you to leave my family alone.

SETH: You're serious.

DEREK: I'm dead fucking serious. No more phone calls, no more visits, no more nothing. We don't exist as far as you're concerned, Seth.

SETH: I can't believe I'm hearing this shit come out of your mouth.

DEREK: Believe it, Seth. Believe it. I spent over three years away from my family. My family, Seth. For what?

SETH: For your country, fuckhole, that's what. I'd do a hundred years before I felt like that. You're a motherfucking traitor!

CHRIS: Yo! What's up, Fat Seth!?

SETH: I'm not fat, cockwart! I'm husky!

CAMERON: How was it in there with all those fuckin' monkeys, man? You're lucky they didn't kill you.

DEREK: I agree.

CAMERON: Who runs the place? The monkeys or the wetbacks?

DEREK: The Mexicans.

CAMERON: It's a fuckin' vacation for them in there, hunh?

DEREK: They were really organized. I'll tell ya... it was impressive.

DEREK: I'm family, Cam? Is that why you came to see me all the time up there?

CAMERON: I had to distance myself from you after that.

DEREK: Fuck you, Cameron. You're a fucking chicken hawk... praying on kids.

CAMERON: I don't pray on fucking anyone.

DEREK: No. You fucking use them. To filter your insanity.

LAMONT: You got lucky, man. I was in the kitchen for a year before making it in here. Pots and motherfucking pans... disgusting beef stroganoff shit... boiling hot water... fuck that! My name's Lamont, man.

I got your back. Righteous white Cracker with attitude. Just like the Judge who sentenced me, man.

If your smart though you'll remember one thing. You're the nigger in here. Not me.

SWEENEY: Honor and loyalty run thick, Derek. Not skin color. Skin is thin. I don't get you, man. I don't. I got my Doctorate in Education... not in medicine. But if you think babies come into this world evil... you're fucked up, Derek. You're way to smart to believe that shit. There's nothin' more beautiful Derek,nothin' more pure, nothin' more innocent... than a baby.

DEREK: They killed my father, Sweeney.

SWEENEY: Jesus Derek. Use that brain God gave you for chrissake. What are you gonna do? Seek revenge your whole life and become a lifer in here. That's what these guys are like, you wanna be like them? Fucking little boys in prison? Think, man. None of your guys back home give a shit about you. They only care about your brother. The new blood. And he sure as hell can't take care of himself like you could.

DEREK: Get me outta here, Sweeney.

DANNY: There was only one person who loved Derek more than me. That was Dad. They were best friends. Fathers and sons are never best friends... but they were..

DENNIS: I'll tell you one more thing. This "affirmative blaction" shit is driving me up the fucking wall. Firefighters gettin' 99's on their tests while rappers who score a goddamn 62 walk away with the job.

DANNY: Don't we have to have "affirmative action?"

DENNIS: Not when a job requires ability. No.

DORIS: A lot of people say otherwise, Danny. Including me.

DENNIS: A lot of people don't know shit, either. If I'm fightin' a brush fire... surrounded by thousand degree flames... who would I want watchin' my back? A guy who scores a 99 or a guy who scores a sixty? You don't see half the NBA with whites, gooks and spics.

DORIS: Nooo... what you don't see are minorities on the boards of Fortune 500 companies cause whites won't stand for it.

DENNIS: Hey. Don't let that him confuse you over there, Derek. Look at me. This shit he's pulling is a load of crap. Hey. Look at me, Derek. I mean it. If we keep givin' niggers everything, there'll be nothing left for us.

DORIS: You can be a stupid son of a bitch sometimes.

HOMELESS MAN: Spare change for a cheeseburger?

SETH: Get a job and buy one why don't you.

HOMELESS MAN: God bless you.

SETH: Fuck you.

HOMELESS MAN: Fifty cents is all I ask. Vietnam, man. I was in

CAMERON: Really? So you've had what? Thirty years to get your shit together?

HOMELESS MAN: All I want is something to eat.

CAMERON: There are plenty of fuckin' dishwashing jobs out there, Vietnam boy. Go get yourself one.

HOMELESS MAN: Did I do something?

CAMERON: You're a disgrace to the white race. If Adolf Hitler was alive... God bless his soul... he would have you shot.

HOMELESS MAN: Fuck you then. Now and forever. Fuck you.

CAMERON: Noooo. Fuck you.

CAMERON: Can we help you with something? Do you have any questions about the menu?

BLACK MAN: No questions.

CAMERON: I recommend either the "Big Ben Burger" or the "Chicken Taco Special." Ben'll replace the dark meat with the white meat if you ask nicely.

BLACK MAN: What's your problem, pal?

CAMERON: I ain't your fucking pal first of all. Secondly... I don't have problems. People who fuck with me have problems.

WHITE GIRL: Come on. Let's get out of here.

CAMERON: Hey! What a great idea! You got a clever little whatever it is there. I'd listen to it if I were you.

BLACK MAN: You're not me.

CAMERON: And I thank God Almighty every day for that, believe me.

SETH: Excuse me? Tyrone?

BLACK MAN: My name's not Tyrone either.

SETH: Whatever. Why can't you stick to your own race?

WHITE GIRL: Jesus Christ! Where do you assholes come from?!

CAMERON: What the fuck difference does it make where we come from, bitch? I'm from a place called America. A place that used to be a nice place to live before it became fuckin' Africa-America.


DANNY: What?

DEREK: Come here. I'll see you at home.

SWEENEY: Derek! I know what you're thinkin' right now and I want you to forget about it!

DEREK: How the fuck do you know what I'm thinkin', Sweeney!?

SWEENEY: Cause I'm thinkin' the same damn thing!

DEREK: They shot him in a fucking... pisshole!

SWEENEY: And goin' after them won't bring him back. Don't do it, Derek. Please, man. You've come too far. The war is over.

DEREK: It stops now, Sweeney.

DANNY: We've heard it a million times, a Bible quote become cliche: "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord."

DANNY: "We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature." [Abraham Lincoln]

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