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The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano
Martin Gosch and Richard Hammer

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Magnus L÷vgren <>

Luciano on being a godfather in the true sense of the word:

Being the godfather of a family or a gang was pretty important, but when you're made the godfather of a Sicilican kid, that's when you really hit the big time. It carries a lotta responsibility, like you gotta make sure the kid is going in the right direction. In the States, all the guys in my outfit was always knocking out kids and they all wantin'me to be the Godfather. But I never did. But when Calcedonia (his cousin) came all the way up to Rome and because he was also part of the good things that happened to me, I agreed to go to Palermo and sign the baptismal certificate and make it all official. It would be the first and only time I would really be a Godfather."

In fact, Luciano got taken in for questioning by the police before he could set off for Sicily, and a friend had to sign the baptism documents for him.

On the New York bosses Giuseppe Masseria and Salvatore Maranzano, who were the top figures in the underworld as he was working his way upward (Luciano would be very involved in the murders of both).

They come from opposite sides of Sicily, and both of 'em brought the whole idea of vendetta with 'em to the States. I never seen nothing like it. It was like in the hills of Kentucky when two families are fightin'and knockin' each other off for some fucked-up reason that maybe goes back a hundred years and nobody ever remembers why no more.

All of us younger guys hated the old mustaches and what they was doin'. We was tryin'to build a business that would last, to move with the times, and they was still livin' a hundred years ago. We knew the old guys and their ideas hadda go, we was just markin' time. The way we looked at it was that getting rid of a Masseria or a Maranzano was no different from some bank tearin' down an old building so they could put up a new one. For us, rubbin'out a Mustache was just like makin' way for a new building, like we was in the construction business."