Stuff I Wish For, Dreams I Dream

melted Absolut in a vodka bottle
a popsicle of frozen time
a 3-D picture of thunder
a coffee-mug of crushed diamonds
a Trojan Horse full of M&Ms,
lost illusions in a glass bottle
a fire-breathing wooden dragon
a happy clown
a crystal angel on a motorbike
a sun that never rises
an empty Pandora's Box
a fire that burns underwater
a first kiss in a summer rain
super-glue for a broken heart
a spaceship full of squids
footsteps in the sands of time
a graceful swan of never
a love song for a vampire
an H-bomb to detonate in my skull
wild horses to ride over the hills
a star to hold in my palm
a rear-view mirror to see Hell with
a time capsule from the island of Atlantis
a never-ending story
a silver platter of mice and angry grapes
clean underwear
a banana from the monkey on my back
a second-hand shop that sells dreams and memories
a figurine of Buddha jumping over a wall
a bed of 99 black roses
a molatov cocktail on the rocks
a tattoo of Death doing the Macarena
a near-life experience
a reason not to kill myself
a dream that never ends
a love that never dies
an emerald green parachute
five bouquets of tiger lillies and one organic broccoli
a donkey clown pinata full of crickets
a protective gargoyle lifted from the Chartes Cathedral
a strawberry chocolate cake baked in the shape of a question mark
a DNA map drawn up by the Human Genome Project
fistsfuls of sparklers
a refrigerator magnet cast in the likeness of the Dalai Lama
a digitally remastered CD of the Big Bang
the key of life accidentally placed inside a Crackerjack Box
(from Real Astrology)
band-aids that heal everything (Emily Bergkamp)
knowledge in the form of chocolate (stacia)
glittering pristine snow on a rusted can
a giant turtle with a world on it's back
an hourglass to jam in the spokes of the wheel of time
a galaxy in an empty milk carton
ten summoners walking in a field of gold
a backpack that leads to the warehouse of an orange merchant
a rubber ducky on a sea of nails
a diamond moon, containing light from the stars (Eddie Wilson)
eternity in an hour (crowfire)
a diving board into the gene pool (Amber)
a daisy chain that never withers (C. Sizemore)
a solar-powered torchlight (Dave)
a rewind and pause button on life (DragonShade)
a day as a cat (Johanna)
a lifetime supply of oreos and milk (Hayley)
an 'Undo' button for real life actions (Seng)
a heart that streches, but does not break (Gurkie)
an ever-lasting bottle of glowing glacial water (Brede)
a handful of shooting stars (Sam)
the other side of the sky
by Jason Q.
Stuff you wish for. Dreams you dream.

(in not more than 10 words)