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30 latest articles

Why? - Imre Glaser
1 Oct 2017
He can't take it. Everyone around him; Laughing. Smiling. Joking. He want to fit in, join in. But he can't. His chest feels tight; His breathing, fast. Alone, when no one is watching, he

Doom - Alex Rehmar
4 Nov 2011
It has been quite some time since I've posted anything here. Not for lack of things to say, but because I had lost some of the fire that burned inside me when I was still in high school. Recently the

Doodleing 1 - Nancy
26 Jan 2010
...And the next day, they found her taking a walk down in the deep deep sea. Through flocks of ocean animals, there she walks, with dreamy smile on her face. She sings faintly as like she was bound

Of Loves Beyond Reach - Kira Howe
6 Oct 2009
I would offer this metaphor. Imagine two separate rooms, one man in each room. They are trapped there, alone. Each man is divided forever from the person who was most precious to him. In their isolati

we - Ajinkya Pawar
17 Aug 2009
the heart feeds off the notion of you. its a parasite it pumps venomous thoughts into me. my pride chisels you off the heart. flake by dead flake i am reduced life less alive. the present c

Resume - Mouse
9 Oct 2008
For the first time in my life I am creating a resume. It is an interesting feeling, marking down years of your life and things you do on a daily basis in the plainest of terms for someone else to wei

A Child - Kira Howe
28 Aug 2008
For the past twenty-four hours or more I have had in my mind the image of a child playing alone. She picks up and looks at every pebble and feather that captures her eye. Stuffs them in her pockets

Walls - Reeza
29 Apr 2008
There's a wall of pain around you. Trying to not let things out, and not letting things in either. It pushes in hard enough to smother, Yet pushes out hard enough to hurt. This is you dealing.

Boundaries - Reeza
29 Apr 2008
We all have our boundaries set up. Social niceties call for other to respect those. To not cross the line, to not probe too deeply, not to question, but to accept and respect. Except that preven

Scriptwriting advice for Choke - Mat_j
26 Mar 2008
-Get a few copies of scripts from places like or drews script-o-rama, to get an idea of how to format things properly. You hear horror stories from within the industry where people who don't

Attention - Me
13 Nov 2007
There's a lack of something in my life these days. A hollow aching to be filled, yearning for somewhat. I'm a goal oriented person so not knowing whats wrong, what I need to do to fix it makes thing

There Are No Endings - Kira Howe
1 Nov 2007
We see two pictures of a young woman. In one she is feverish and lying in bed, with long afternoon light streaming through the window, and a cat sleeping nearby. Soft music plays on the radio as she r

Something about existence. - theoutsider
13 Sep 2007
Can't make sense out of things. Out of thoughts or feelings. The contents of my mental life, of my personal life, of my social life. all are a blur. The self is the presupposition which provide

The Field - Lauren
13 Sep 2007
I wish I had a never ending field of four leaf clovers. I would lay in the middle of the field and dream of the endless possibilities of life. No bad could come to me in my field. All I would need in

Seen As Through Water or Glass - Kira Howe
9 Aug 2007
It must have been three or four summers ago that we crossed the road south of the Daffodil House and up onto the freshly-logged property on the other side. Several of our neighbors had sold their tree

Control and Illusion - Reeza
25 Jul 2007
A little over a year ago, had a major change in my life and made the resolution to take control of my life. Now I laugh at that concept, because there's so much out of my control. Some people seem t

The road - Me!!
21 Jul 2007
Is anyone lost? So am I. I think that I fell down a cliff, With beautiful wildlife and Homeless people asking me for change When did crack become fashionable? All my poems ask questions, I

Dodge City - Jack K
28 Jun 2007
I am, by the minute, dying in this city. Traffic, work, cubicles, TV, slack roomies and incomprehensible women...I have to get the fuck out of here...I was at a social event the other night, and peop

Dead - Petar
31 May 2007
I died thursday. Overdose of heroin. No pulse, no breath, no beating of the heart for 2 minutes.

Long Trip Home - ME!
20 Jan 2007
Last night I died on the operating table, I felt cold and there was no flash of light, no saint peter, nothing. I felt lonely, destroyed and wanting nothing more than my family and friends, prayed for

The Digital Love - Redkinoko
20 Dec 2006
Ben's palms have been sweating for the past thirty minutes despite the cool air blowing out of the air conditioning of the bookstore. He is wearing a red shirt, just as what was agreed upon. His eyes

A Discourse on Love - Redkinoko
4 Dec 2006
Aristophanes was one of the first people who proposed in document that love is basically finding the other half that makes you whole: a soul mate. This was 2,500 years ago - 10,000 in dog years, if yo

Memories and Lies - Reeza
11 Nov 2006
Memories are a fluid thing. They change as time goes by, usually to lessen a hurt or to embrace some new knowledge. Sometimes just to accept the world around, a memory needs to change. When mem

Kissing a Goddess - Susan Ramirez
27 Sep 2006
Kissing a Goddess He loved her so much he wanted to marry her then and there. She was beautiful and he wished he could just take her into his arms and keep her there, safe and warm. He loved and lu

Water or Gasoline? - girlanachronise
27 Sep 2006
one.dowsing of the selflame i know nothing of this world that would not satisfy me for it has left me high and dry by the chase of the fleeting. indeed, nothing of this universe carries anything

My Heart - Alex Rehmar
3 Sep 2006
A few days ago i cut out a piece of mine own heart and generated a ghastly yet, in appearance, subtle wound. Since the birth of this wound it has bled profusely and causes a constant and unwavering ac

Same ol' Story - Reeza
23 Jul 2006
You can't control who you love, ain't that the freakin' truth. What's worse is sometimes you don't even realize it until it's too late and there isn't any thing you can do about it. You fall in love

The Solution to Emo - redkinoko
12 Jul 2006
There's nothing that aligns the perspective of a kid gone wrong faster than a sensible dose of beating. When I was a kid and wicked (in a bad, unawesome way), I wasn't asked to reflect on the moral

Ultimate Friggin' Cellphone - redkinoko
4 Jul 2006
So what's in your dream phone? It's surprising nowadays to find that specs for newer phones aren't what you'd be expecting to find in a cellphone feature list. Let's take a look at a typical feature l

Posthumous Humor -
4 Jul 2006
A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend over the phone about stuff that I cant really remember. Anyway the conversation swerved to the topic of freaky people doing advertisements and the ensuing di