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    Imre Glaser
    6 Sep 2017

    He can't take it.
    Everyone around him;
    He want to fit in, join in.
    But he can't.

    His chest feels tight;
    His breathing, fast.
    Alone, when no one is watching,
    he can feel the weight.
    The weight of everything crashing,
    Crashing down on him.

    He fights the thoughts that enter.
    The ones that yell at him:
    But he knows the voices are right.

    He hides.
    Hides where no one can see him.
    But no matter where he goes, he knows.
    He knows that everyone sees right through him.

    He runs.
    Runs to a place, deep in his memories,
    Trying to flight the tears.
    But it's no use.
    They come, streaming down his face,
    Breaking him.
    Making him feel.
    Making him face the facts:
    He isn't strong.
    He can't do it.
    Not by himself anymore.

    Glimpsing inward,
    he doesn't recognize what he sees.
    The fire is gone.
    The light has dimmed.
    His soul, abandoned him.

    Where is he?
    Where did he go?
    When will he come back?
    Can he come back?

    The answer scares him.