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  • Sie Anwortet Nicht!
    Franz Nietz
    7 Mar 2004

    Live! cowering in the corner!
    live! bursting through walls!
    the hollow world feels nothing
    the fall is daunting and here
    hear! the thunder has spoken!
    exclamation leads the broken path

    haCk, useless hack!
    no plagurization when
    you can steal life from the soul
    soul'd out such to say
    shakespeare works with mirror
    the groteusque looks at the microfilm

    transfer your thoughts into paper
    sell for millions and die
    in the gutter drunk and
    barely alive, laughter
    to be clever, skin falling out of

    masks are left in the
    costume shoppe. old mr.
    gray left with the poised selfless
    jagged, face, do to all the bad
    deeds. I wish my nose did not grow
    when i tell the truth.
    too crazy for crazy town.

    acceptance is not for everyone
    silence is when talking clouds
    your vision. i rummage through the
    bins for that last pair of
    beauty lives
    in the ugliness
    of our gout-like
    detestable faces!