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    10 Mar 2004

    the water in the dark,
    signals the life waiting
    country whide in that wait
    tasmarra tasmarra, i like it here
    be the beholder's eye now
    and always sit next on the bus
    to the grungy person who doesn't
    bathe much, sit next
    rakeing in the summer is so much fun
    the leaves don't get in the way
    rubbish absolute rubbish
    smile faintly while thinking
    boomboom boomboom
    i am the name of toe
    sleep in the barn when i gao
    laos is nice this year what about
    california or pineapple land!
    discourage principled thought
    religion is for crazies
    science is for crazies
    I say eat the bitter fruit and live evil any way.
    i cannot write 25 poemes who am we kidding.

    huh? i like me pomeme