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    What is evil?...
    This isn't the best answer by a long road, but I think it might be somewhere in the right direction. It seems to me that evil is a kind of ultimate greed, a greed that is so all-encompassing that it can't ever see anything lovely, rare or precious without wanting to possess it. A greed so total that if it can't possess these things, it will destroy them rather than chance that someone else might have them. And a greed so intense that even having these things never causes it to lessen one iota-the lovely, the rare and the precious never affect it except to make it want them.

    Mercedes Lackey
    Arrow's Fall

    Notes: February 14, 2006

    There is a great deal that we never get used to. We simply cease to show our discomfort.

    Mercedes Lackey
    Winds of Change

    Notes: February 19, 2006

    Being ruthless was not a bad thing, but being entirely ruthless was dangerous. Those who dared to stop at nothing often ended up with enemies who had nothing to lose. Putting an enemy in such a position was an error, for a man who has nothing to lose is, by definition, risking nothing to obtain what he desires.

    Mercedes Lackey
    Storm Warning

    Notes: February 20, 2006

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