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    It would be a big mistake for them, but if we assume it would be a dumb thing to do, I guess it's a reasonable assumption that they might just do it"

    Public Works Minister Scott Brison

    Notes: 24/6/2005

    [...]Fire exemplified life. Flames rose and fell. In spite of her musings to Gabrielle to the contrary, ultimately there was nothing certain; all was but one variation or another of the nature of fire. It danced, it smothered, it warmed and it burned. There was both beauty and terror in its colors. It could be fed or starved but never annihilated. The potential for renewal by unintentional spark of metal against stone or by Zeus' fickle aim of a thunderbolt remained. And when humanity walked through an inferno, the fire did not care whether souls were foul or pure. Fire unmercifully consumed its victims without discrimination.


    Notes: March 30, 2006

    There are but few on earth free from cares, none but carry burdens of sorrow. And if all were asked to make a package of their troubles, and throw this package on a common pile, and then were asked to go and choose a package that they were willing to bear, all would select their own package again.

    Your heartaches may be great, burdens heavy, but look around you and with whom would you change?

    IFMHSF S.X. Meagher

    Notes: 25/4/06

    Anyone that makes light of things that serious, tends to have a lot of pain behind the smile they show.

    DS. Bauden

    Notes: May 14, 2006

    I used to do things for people so they would like me. Then I realized that some people would never like me, no matter what, so I quit. But then I didn't like me, so I went back to doing things for people because it made me happy.


    Notes: 11/08/06

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