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    29 Apr 2008

    We all have our boundaries set up.
    Social niceties call for other to respect those.
    To not cross the line, to not probe too deeply,
    not to question, but to accept and respect.

    Except that prevents a bond from forming,
    albeit from need, or shared experiences.
    It keeps things the way they are,
    prevents change and progress.

    Some don't follow those rules of politeness,
    they cross the boundaries out of a sense of caring,
    a need to make a difference,
    even if they're in pain or drunk beyond belief.

    Its built into them,
    to care, to change, to question.

    And they do. They make a difference.
    Force you to justify, rationale, and realize that someone's watching.
    And that can make all the difference to someone sitting alone,
    sitting on a fence.

    So Thank You.
    And someday I'd like to be more like that.