Howl (For Terry White)

Terry White is our school's president and last year it leaked out that he makes more money than Bill Clinton and students have been out to get him ever since. The only author listed in the newspaper is "A Professor who cares" so I suppose you can credited him/her with the article.

contributed by Andrea Olive

I saw the best minds of my generation starved by neo-conservatism, Amway representatives, baby sitters, beer slingers, burger flippers, cabbies, crossing guards, file clerks, gas jockeys, janitors, telephone solicitors, tree planters, Wal-Mart greeters, and, when they had time, university students, who spent the month before the provincial election wondering which would be worse, massive cuts or brutal cuts, and then spent the months after wondering whether the cuts that came where massively brutal or just brutally massive, who voted for change in the federal election and then didn't get a change, or even more of the same, but less of the same, who learned in Political Science 309 that elections were about as meaningful as other multiple choice exams, who learned in Economics 203 that doing more with less meant doing more work with less results, who had to throw Meadow muffins at the Minister of Learning because they couldn't afford to waste good macaroni, who ate steamed rice for 98 consecutive days, thus involuntarily earning a citation in the Guinness Book of World Records, who came down with kwashiorkor, rickets, and scurvy, and wrote papers about them in Biology 205, who spent weeks over Christmas waiting for the library to reopen and then found out the book they needed had been stolen by somebody else who couldn't afford it, and wouldn't be replaced, who wondered whether they would ever be able to afford to move out of their parents place, or who shared a basement apartment with 12 other people, no two of whom had the same major, schedule, taste in music, or sexual orientation, who went skinning dipping in the Engineering building when the watermain broke, who tripped on the sidewalks in the summer because there was nobody to fix them, and slipped on the ice all winter because there was nobody to clear it away, who never saw their Chemistry professor from a distance less than 285 meters, and never realized that he wore a toupee, who got thirty-seven consecutive busy signals before managing to log onto the mainframe sometime after three in the morning, who staryed up for thirty-eight straight hours finishing an essay on Kurt Cobain for English 235, drinking seventy-six cups of coffee and wearing out a CD player, and got a C plus and a three word comment from the professor, who had to get an extension on a term paper because of their twelve part-time jobs, and then discovered that the professor had taken early retirement before they could hand it in, who were sick of being accused of materialism by baby boomers sitting on the last good jobs, who were tired of being called Generation X, who fell asleep in Religious Studies 331, and missed several interesting facts about evil and suffering, who took twenty courses and found themselves four years older and fifty thousand dollars deeper in debt, but who kept coming back and lining up and paying and studying and working because the human love of wisdom is stronger than boredom or fatigue or hunger or poverty or even politicians.

added on 15 February 2000

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