Die Hard with a Vengeance

WALTER: If we don't do it, this guy says he's going to blow up another public place.

JOHN: Why me? What does it have to do with me?

WALTER: I have no idea. He just said it had to be you.

JOHN: It's nice to be needed.

WALTER: Frankly John...

JOHN: Hey, Walter, how about fucking your mind about Holley? Tell Simon I have a fucking hang over. Okay.

WALTER: We'll be back to pick you up in 15 minutes.

JOHN: Take your time. I expect to be dead in 4.

ZEUS: Now, where are you going?


ZEUS: Why?

DEXTER: To get educated.

ZEUS: Why?

DEXTER'S FRIEND: So we can go to college.

ZEUS: And why is that important?

DEXTER'S FRIEND: To get respect.

ZEUS: Respect. And who's the bad guys?

DEXTER'S FRIEND: Guys who sells drugs.

DEXTER: Guys who have guns.

ZEUS: And who's the good guys?

DEXTER'S FRIEND: We're the good guys.

ZEUS: Who's gonna help you?

DEXTER: Nobody.

ZEUS: So who's gonna help you?

DEXTER'S FRIEND: We're gonna help ourselves.

ZEUS: And who do we want not to help us?

BOTH: White people.

ZEUS: That's right. Now get on out of here. Go to school.

JOHN: Okay. Jesus, I'm sorry you got involved, all right?

ZEUS: Why you keep calling me 'Jesus'? I look Puerto Rican to you?

JOHN: The guy back there called you 'Jesus'.

ZEUS: He didn't call me 'Jesus'. He said, "Hey, Zeus." My name is Zeus.

JOHN: Zeus?

ZEUS: Yeah, Zeus. As in father of Apollo, god of Mount Olympus, don't fuck with me or I'll shove a lightning bolt up your ass, Zeus!

ZEUS: You got a problem with enemy?

SIMON: No, no. My only problem is that I went to some trouble preparing that game for McClane. You interfered with a well-laid plan.

ZEUS: Yeah, well, you can stick your well-laid plan up your well-laid ass.

ZEUS: Woah, woah... I'm not going anywhere.

WALTER: Simon says you got to go.

ZEUS: I'm not jumping through hoops for some psycho. That's a white man, with white problems. You deal with him. Call me when he crosses 110th.

JOHN: Why did you save my ass?

ZEUS: I didn't. I stopped a white cop from getting killed in Harlem. One white cop gets killed today, tomorrow, we've got a thousand white cops. All of them with itchy trigger fingers. Got it?

CONNIE: Okay, they made it to the phone, but there is a problem.

WALTER: What do you mean, how big a problem?

JOE: About 300 pounds.

JOHN: Man, excuse me man, we need this phone for official police business.

PHONE WOMAN: Do you mind?

JOHN: Honey, I'm a cop. I need the phone right now.

PHONE WOMAN: I'm sorry.

ZEUS: Get off the damn phone lady, police business!

PHONE WOMAN: Well, never.

ZEUS: I can get used to this.

JOHN: I'm sure you can find a phone across the street, 'mam. Let's get something straight, I'm the only one here on official police business. Don't ever do that shit again.

JOHN: Hello.

SIMON: Birds of the feather flock together, so do pigs and swine. Rats and mice have their chance as well as I have mine.

JOHN: Nice, rhymes.

SIMON: Why was the phone busy. Who were you calling?

JOHN: The psychic hot line.

SIMON: I advise you to take this more seriously.

JOHN: Look, it's a public phone, what do you want me to say?

ZEUS: Dial, 555-2401.

ZEUS: No wait, wait. It's a trick. It' a trick.

JOHN: What? What? What do you mean?

ZEUS: I forgot about the man.

JOHN: What man? Fuck the man. We got 10 seconds.

ZEUS: He said how many were going to St-Ives, right? The riddle begins as I was going to St-Ives, I met a man with 7 wives. The guy and his wives aren't going anywhere.

JOHN: What are they doing?

ZEUS: Sitting on a fucking road, waiting on the... How the hell should I know?

JOHN: Who's going to St-Ives than?

ZEUS: The guy, just the guy.

JOHN: Just one guy?

ZEUS: The answer is one.

JOHN: Just the guy. How do you dial 1?

ZEUS: 555-0001.

JOHN: 0001. Just one guy is going.

SIMON: Hello John.

JOHN: Yeah. Piece of cake. Give us something harder next time.

JOHN: What were you saying?

ZEUS: I was saying, I used to drive a cab and 9th is the fastest way south. But we seem going East. What the hell are you doing McClane. I told you 9th is the quickest way south.

JOHN: Stop with your goddamn yelling. I know what I'm doing.

ZEUS: Not even god knows what you're doing. Wallstreet is south.

JOHN: Stop yelling at me, I've got a bad headache. And the best way south is not 9th Avenue. It's through the park.

ZEUS: Oh shit! Told you the park drive was always jammed.

JOHN: I didn't say park drive, I said through the park.

ZEUS: What are you gonna do?

JOHN: I'm going to get that bomb. Listen, you fail, I cover your ass. I fail, you cover my ass.

ZEUS: And if we both fail.

JOHN: Then, we're both fucked. Go now, get to that phone booth by 10:20. Go.

ZEUS: It's my fucking lucky day.

ZEUS: So, what's up with that L.A. thing? You're famous or something?

JOHN: Yeah, for about 5 minutes.

ZEUS: Don't tell, Rodney King. Right?

JOHN: Fuck you. You know, this guy Simon we are talking to. I threw his little brother of the 32nd floor of Nakatomi Tower out in L.A.. I guess he's a little pissed off about it.

ZEUS: Wait a minute. You mean you're telling me I'm in this shit because some white asshole brother fell off a roof?

JOHN: We go find Simon. Drag him to a ship to shore radio and beat the fucking code out of him. Here, take this.

ZEUS: How does it work?

JOHN: You don't know how to shoot a gun?

ZEUS: Look, all brothers don't know how to shoot guns, you racist mother fucker.

JOHN: Sue me.

SIMON: Hello John McClane.

JOHN: There was never any bomb in a school, was there?

SIMON: Of course not. I'm a soldier, not a monster. Even though if I sometimes work for monsters.

ZEUS: You're gonna blow it all up?

SIMON: That's the idea. There's some gentlemen in the middle East who seems to think they’re going to make a great deal of money. See you safely in the ship and I'll see you on the port side launch.

ZEUS: What the hell this got to do with killing McClane?

SIMON: Life is my little bonus.

ZEUS: Didn't you say you didn't even liked your brother?

SIMON: There's a difference, you know, between not liking my brother and not caring when some dumb Irish fat fool drops him out of a window.

ZEUS: Hey, I didn't even know that mother fucker.

SIMON: Yes, I never invited you on board this ship.

ZEUS: You know some cop tricks about handcuff that's gonna get us out of this?

JOHN: Yeah, use a key. You know how to pick this lock?

ZEUS: Is this your black shit again?

JOHN: Will you stop with that racial shit? Are you a fucking locksmith or what?

ZEUS: Damn McClane, I was just starting to like you.

JOHN: Yeah. Well, don't. I'm an asshole.

ZEUS: What are you talking about now?

JOHN: I lied to you Zeus.

ZEUS: About what?

JOHN: You remember I said Charles found that bomb up in Harlem?

ZEUS: Yeah.

JOHN: They found it in Chinatown.

ZEUS: Oh. Now, that's low. People white are low, but not fucking like you.

ZEUS: Huh, huh. You have a wife, McClane?

JOHN: Yeah.

ZEUS: I'm surprised anybody stayed with you long enough to get married.

JOHN: Well, she didn't stick too long. We are sort of separated.

ZEUS: What the fuck is sort of separated?

JOHN: Well, she was in L.A., I was in New York. We got a fight on the phone. She hung up. I didn't call her back.

ZEUS: How long was it that?

JOHN: About a year ago now.

ZEUS: About a year. Hehehehe.

JOHN: What the fuck are you laughing about?

ZEUS: You threw away your marriage because you were too fucking stupid to pick up the phone.

SIMON: Yesterday, yesterday, we were an army with no country. Tomorrow, we have to decide which country we want to buy!

JOHN: Maybe, we should call a fire truck.

ZEUS: Nah, fuck him. Let him cook.

JOHN: Oh shit!

ZEUS: What? What?

JOHN: I left Holly hanging on hold.

ZEUS: Ah, call her back.

JOHN: I don't know. She's going to be pissed.

ZEUS: She'll get over it.

JOHN: I don't know Zeus. Like I said: She's a really stubborn women.

ZEUS: Yeah, she has to be to stay married to you.