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Appreciating the Fear of Friendship
Ryan Corkum <>

True friendship is a gracious virtue and a common rarity. It is a blessing that one both questions and appreciates. When foreign blood can touch our emotions so deeply that we can call that blood our own, and accept it without hesitation, then that is the day when our world will become unified. There are so many people who have stood by and watched as foreign blood flowed past them. Standing with their feet glued to the ground, with their knees knocking, wishing they could gamble on such an uncertain reciprocation. To find true friendship then one must be willing to remove his anchors from their safe harbors, and allow themselves to be swept away by the sheer magnitude of their own faith. There are so few that will surcome to bending their knees in fear that the person they reach their hand towards, will not be standing there when they open their eyes. I do not pity the masses of the cultivated afraid for their denial that such a thing as unconditional loyalty can exist, but I do >condone them. They will stand by for the rest of their lives gazing behind their plate-glass windows and huddled in their boxes marked fragile, full of jealousy, full of fear. They will watch with a convicted wonderment as people who they assume to be weak themselves, seemingly follow others with a blindness that can only accompany an emotion as powerful as love, or to them, stupidity. These people will never know the meanings of such terms as "second father" or "brother from a different mother", rather they will continually scowl with contempt in our direction, as we in turn smile politely.