Generation Terrorists

Quotes [new quotes]

square Watches Lie - Sheryl Loh

square Shadow's Arms - Addison
square Optimistic Death - Jared O'Neil
square Ode To Morpheus - Ambreen Ishrat
square A Case for NOT Rushing Out of High School - Bessie Chu
square Growing Up - Amanda D. Mulrain
square Wondering Why - Grace Mehr
square Innocence Devoured - Grace Mehr
square The Journey - Gaurav Law
square A Hope In His Eyes - M. Zaidi
square Angels With Broken Wings - Alice Shiels
square To My Son - Patrick Goins
square The Titan - Patrick Goins
square Superficial Princess - Lindsay Jankun
square Cry From Behind - Shannon Wagner
square Symphony of Screams - Shannon Wagner
square Mirror Wall - Jason S. Kong
square Perfect Execution - Comfortablynumb

square Poets, Priests and Prostitutes / The Stolen Child - (contributed by Ian Cornelius Lai)
square Walking In The Light - Don Burrow

square Good and Evil - Ian Cornelius Lai
square Trying to Live Alone - Nicholas Chu

square Affection - Passion - Love - Creather
square Variations On The Word Love - Denise
square Howl (For Terry White) - Andrea Olive
square Appreciating the Fear of Friendship - Ryan Corkum
square The Pain Of Loneliness - David Brandenburg

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