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Optimistic Death
Jared O'Neal
14 Mar 2002

One star among the millions, adds color to the sky
Conflicting theories and evidence, says the same for you and I
One birth, one death; amidst the skies, the blackness still prevails
Though sunset crept hours past, the blackness is no avail
While cherished moments of clarity, and visions of what's true
Haunt or plague our images, there's really nothing left to do

With pessimist minds, we optimize a fate! We carry out our plans.
Still heartbeats to rhythm, contractions don't demise
The time continues ticking, or trickling downs the sands
We carry out our business; we act to what we surmise
Yet strengths often lie in weakness, and the weak fall far behind
But nothing seems to matter, nothing but the time

The star among the millions, still shines and lights the sky
Our view on what we witness, varies between you and I
A life, a death; amidst the skies, the blackness still prevails
Though soon we have a sunrise, the black kness is no avail
We cherish what we cling to, what's true is left to you
Even though we're dying, life's still left up to you