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Superficial Princess
Lindsay Jankun
23 June 2002

Here she is, the pretty little girl in the paper white dress. She comes complaining of misery and sadness when all she has been given is happiness and hope.

She answers back "Well, all pain hurts" to your rhetorical question, that you were questioning in your head... She intentionally sets the obvious for the oblivious to find and yet, she still complains. She sadly, is incapable of seeing that there is worse off, for she has been deprived of her conscience due to the indulgence of herself. She cannot come to the realization that she has been handed much better than others have received, she still sees herself as the one too good for pain.

You answer back "You brought it on yourself. You're to blame, hurting those who hurt is not revenge but cruelty". But still you think to yourself, her scrambled thoughts make complete sense, for anyone that hurts is hurting, deserving comfort, but treatments of sorrow and sadness are not the answer for they are fake, just as your plastic smile.

Here again comes the paper white dress, now girl following, with tears streaming. Her complaints of misery slash at your neck and heart making it so you can't breathe, you can't feel. You soon come to the realization that your worse off than the superficial princess, "Where does that put you?".

Your rhetorical question is to the world, it cannot be verbally spoken because words hurt the weak. Again you ask yourself, "where does that put me?" because the girl, both pretty and little, is crying. She runs into comforting arms, your heart fills with anger and you charge at the pretty little girl to shake her out of her lucid dream, when you suddenly wake up and realize you've been looking in the mirror.

"Where does that put you?"