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The Journey
Gaurav Law
20 July 2002

And you go looking but you can't see.

You've been through enough now so you can say that you know what you're looking for.

But when it all happens and you're moving and you're travelling - you can't find it.

You catch glimpses of it, and for moments you wonder if you've hit the jackpot and have actually found what you went looking for.

People are your way of getting there, you search for the ones who count. They all count but not for you.

And again every time you catch a spark, you hope that your there, that you don't have to go searching anymore, that this is really what you were here for.

But it never is, it's disillusioning.

But then you begin to realize that this is the way it's meant to be and you were just looking at it the wrong way around.

It's been said that life's a journey and it's the most fun when there isn't any destination.

These moments though, are your pitstops. They are what spruce you up - what keep you going.

But then you gotta get back onto the road and the road isn't too much fun because there isn't much new to look at.

So your journey is only made fun by these sparks along the way and they are what you remember.

People are mere roadsigns along the way pointing you to where they think you should go and where you think you wanna go.

If there is a point to this - it is to live for the pitstops - they're worth the road.

Also, try and get onto a freeway and don't be shy to hitch a ride once in a while.