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Walking in the Light
Don Burrow
12 Apr 2002

(For Kerry, and in answer to "Trying to Live Alone")

I walked a different way for a time. Darkness ruled and the light trembled in fear and loathing. A spiral path with no evident end, just always down and down. It seemed that each day brought only more despair and self-denial.

I was worthless, not capable of being Loved nor Loving. I wasn't good enough, I'd done something so horrible that no one could or would ever Love me. My ears stuck out too much, my nose was beaten in and ugly. I was old and scrawny and had bad teeth. No sunshine intruded into my days, no glorious sunsets ever ended them. No bright promising stars accompanied my lonley nights, no dawn ever brought an end to my misery and fear.

I'd sunk so far down that entertaining was the idea of going for a motorcycle ride and slamming it and me into a bridge abutment at 150 miles an hour, I can only thank God that it was a cold bitter winter and that I was wuss enough of the cold that I couldn't ride! I'd turned my back on Love and Life and Friends, turned my back on any thought of happiness again.

The only songs I ever heard were sad songs, songs that sang of my torment and pain. Alcohol and pot were constant companions on my journey, the only two that alongside I would walk.

Suddenly, unbidden and bold, came a light into my life. A star if you will, a billion trillion times brighter than our Sun, and that many times warmer too!

Strolling in, somewhat nonchalant, with a sideways crooked smile, SHE came, dancing, singing, trilling her fingertips across my soul, playing it like a well versed harpist plays her instrument, bring light and wonderful warm music forth effortlessly it seemed.

I was scared at first! Who was this woman to make me feel this way? Didn't she understand? Didn't she know? Couldn't she see who and what I was? What game was she playing, to tease me so!?

But she sees perfectly well, and no game is she playing. It is true what she brings, it is real, what she does.

I now walk head up and eyes bright, challenging the day, scoffing at the night, embracing each, wresting forth from them all that I can, tearing from their fabric, my place and hers in this universe of wandering souls. Every breath now comes with a prayer of thanks, every day and every night now start and end in wondering amazement and astounded glee.

It would take reams of paper for me to explain what she means to me. I'd wear out ten dozen keyboards and fifteen crt's were I to try and explain what she does for me.

Hands interlocked we journey now together, side by side, shoulders bumping pleasently together every so often. Laughter fills my life now, thankfulness, wonder and contentment.

She looks at me and I melt, she touches me and I burst into flame, she laughs and I cry for all the times before I never got to hear her laugh. She cries and I die inside.

With her eyes she entrances, with her touch she impassions, with her Love she gives hope, where once there was only night, and never any light.

Take heart and heed my words friends of GT.

Love IS alive. And She (or He) knows your name well, and is searching for you, if you have not already been found!

Peace Love & Light!

Part Deux
10 July 2007

And 'lo unto our valley a shadow came
Its parents fear and guilt
Their unholy child loathed discontent
Fleeting flitting seldom a good glance
At our heels howling so
Came the demons that I feared
Upon the greenness a blight they brought
A pestilence for true
So then when all we had were memories
Just a sigh in the night
They faded too like all things do
And cursed me to you
The battles fought with no trophies won
A wretched fool was I
As there I stood in trembling fear
At the sight of you leaving
I turned and faced the other way
As that's what bitter lovers do
Long and slow I drew a breath
Breathed it out and down
The trail that I must go
But this time you see I know
I have a shadow by my side
Half the living proof
If be there any
Of the goodness of my soul
I will Love her and Teach her
To Love she will know
To find the One, and Give her All
Heart Body Mind and Soul
I want for her to know
How to Love so completely
That there's simply Nothing left to Know
I will help to Teach her all the many things
That you Taught to Me
Love Gaia, Honor her, she is all that we've got
Treat all things, Lesser than or Greater
With Humility and Tenderness
Wrap them Softly up
In the Velvet of your Heart
Keep them Safe and Warm
From the Tempest Laden Dark
This time I do not walk alone
Two sets of footprints
Or three if you look from above
Down our path to Destiny
She and I we'll be Just Fine
Because I Love Her So.

***Friends of GT - Love IS out there. For GOD SAKES
…don't let it get away…