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Watches Lie
Shery Loh
1 January 2006

I don't wear watches. I don't believe in them.

Who said they told the time?

The hours fly by while you're talking to a lover. The seconds crawl on your skin as you wait for the bell. Time is clearly as fast/slow as you deem it, so don't let the second hand fool you. Into thinking that

The passing of each moment erodes into my being, subconscious and the memories that should have been long forgotten. On hindsight, my recollections always forget the numbers, with only my emotions to remind how that moment lasted forever.

Ditch that strap with the mocking face. Bind yourself to nothing but your own measures.

Let the setting rays of the sun tell you it’s time to return home.

Let the stars light up your path.

Let go.

For time could only be as malleable as the ‘persistence of memory’, free from the numb-ers. 123..4….and 5 a few months later. I know you’d forget, but I won’t.

So stop watching me.