Generation Terrorists

Quotes [new quotes]
Natural Born Killers
Quentin Tarantino

[taken from the original movie script, not the actual movie]

MCCLUSKY: Look, our situation in a nutshell is, no prison wants 'em, no prison will take 'em. I'm even talkin' hellholes, where the warden's as hard as a bar of iron. No one wants those fuckin' assholes behind their walls, dealin' with 'em day in, day out.

MALLORY: I don't owe you an explanation! I don't owe you shit! I'm not here for you entertainment. If I don't tell you what you wanna hear, what are you gonna do? Throw me in jail? I'm already there, you stupid pigfucker. You gonna give me some more time? I've already got life. What else you got to threaten me with? Death? I'd like to see you fuckin' try. I haven't met one motherfucker here who's shown me shit!

WAYNE: Hello Mickey. We've never been introduced, but I'm Wayne Gayle. I don't know if you've ever heard of me or remember me. I was one of the reporters outside the courthouse during your trial---

MICKEY: Everybody knows who you are. You're famous.

WAYNE: I could say the same thing about you. I want to thank you very much for seeing me... I have a television show. It's very popular. Every week we do a profile on a different serial killer. You don't mind if I call you a serial killer, do you? The episode we did on Mickey and Mallory was one of our most popular ones.

MICKEY: Did you ever do one on Wayne Gacy?


MICKEY: Whose ratings were higher?

WAYNE: Yours.

MICKEY: How 'bout Ted Bundy? Ever do one on him?

WAYNE: Yes. Yours got the larger Nielson share.

MICKEY: Good... yuppie piece of shit.

WAYNE: What I'd like to do---

MICKEY: How 'bout Manson?

WAYNE: Manson beat you.

MICKEY: Yeah, it's pretty hard to beat the king.

WAYNE: I feel it's apparent to anyone who's hip to what's going on that the prison board has thrown the constitution straight out the fuckin' window. You and Mallory may be killers, but you're not insane. You belong in a prison, not in an asylum. The prison board is blatantly railroading you into a hospital for the sole purpose of turning you into vegetables. Now some people are saying, 'So what?' I am not one of those people. If we avert our eyes while they do this to you, we give them permission to do it again whenever they see fit. Today they wipe clean your mind because they feel your actions are dangerous, tomorrow they wipe clean my mind because they feel what I say is dangerous. Where does it all stop?

WAYNE: At that point I'll ask him if he believes in God. If he says yes, I'll ask him what he thinks God would make of his actions. And is he worried about burning in hell? If he says no, I'll say, 'Well, Mickey, what do you believe in?' And hopefully he'll say something like a live round of ammo, the expression on the face of a man he just split up the middle, Mallory's eyes, sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll.

WAYNE: To some the fastest distance between point A and point B. To others a beautiful stretch to the American landscape. But to Mickey and Mallory Know, it was a candy land of murder and mayhem.

WAYNE: You're talking about a man and a woman who killed innocent people.

STEVE: Don't get us wrong...

CHUCK: We respect human life an all.

JEFF: It's a tragedy.

STEVE: But... if I was a serial killer, which I'm not, but if I was, I'd be like Mickey.

WAYNE: What do you think of Mickey and Mallory?

SIMON: I admire them.

NORMAN: I do, too.

WAYNE: But how can you say that?

SIMON: They're mesmerising.

NORMAN: Hypnotizing.

SIMON: Have you seen 'Pumping Iron?'


NORMAN: Then you've seen the scene where Arnold Schwarzenegger is talking to Lou Ferigno.


SIMON: Through the power of the simple word---

NORMAN: And a snake-eye glare.

SIMON: ---and a snake-eye glare, Arnold was able to totally psyche out any confidence Ferigno had.

NORMAN: He squashed him mentally before physically defeating him.

SIMON: He had the edge. The mind's edge.

NORMAN: Mickey and Mallory have that edge.

SIMON: Only on a much grander scale.

NORMAN: They've hypnotized the nation.

LONDON BOY: You take all the great figures from the states... Elvis, Jack Keroac, Bukowski, James Dean, Jim Morrison, Angela Davis, Jack Nicholson, Jim Thompson, Martin Scorcese... add a bloody pale of nitro and you got Mickey and Mallory. They're like rebels without a cause, except they have a cause. Only nobody knows what it is.

MICKEY: I'd like to talk about Tim's martial arts abilities. How long had he been studying?

GRACE: He started when he was in the seventh grade, so that would make it nine years.

MICKEY: When you study the martial art, they give out belts that come in different colors to signify what level you're at in your training. Am I correct on that point?

GRACE: Yes you are.

MICKEY: What was the color of Tim's belt?

GRACE: The style of fighting that Tim studied didn't believe in belts.

MICKEY: Is that a fact? Well then, Grace, could you tell us what form of martial arts it was that Tim was schooled in?

GRACE: Tim studied several styles, but his favorite was Jeet Kune Do.

MICKEY: Jeet Kune Do... Now I did some research on that form of fighting, and I found out that Jeet Kune Do was a style developed by Bruce Lee. Did you know that?

GRACE: Yes, I did. That's why Tim studied it. Because it was Bruce Lee's fighting style.

MICKEY: Now, while I freely admit total ignorance on the subject, I have heard of Bruce Lee. And I was under the impression that Bruce Lee was one of the, it not the greatest fighter in the history of martial arts.

GRACE: That's what Tim said.

MICKEY: So, I think it would be safe to say that anybody who studied the fighting style that Bruce Lee, arguable the greatest martial artist of all times, developed for nine years, that would be a fella who could defend himself. Would you describe Tim that way, Grace?

GRACE: Yes, I would.

MICKEY: Point of fact, weren't Tim's hands registered as lethal weapons?

GRACE: Yes, they were.

MICKEY: That means his hands are considered a weapon like a gun or a knife. Am I correct on that point?

GRACE: Yes, you are.

MICKEY: Yet, in your testimony just now, you described that Tim kicked me four times in the head. And his trained martial artists kicks had little to no effect. Then, after shrugging off four blows to the head like I was Superman. I lifted Tim-nine-years-of-Jeet-Kune-Do-Mulberry off the ground and threw him across the room. Then I took this knife and proceeded to tear him limb from limb. And this man, whose hands are lethal weapons had little to no defence. How do you think a human being could possibly be capable of doing something like that?

MICKEY: In your opinion, Miss Mulberry, how was I able to murder you brother Tim Mulberry in the manner you described.

GRACE: You're not human. I thought about it a lot. And the only thing I could figure is that you're not human. You're a vampire, or the devil, or a monster, or cyborg, or something like that. But you're not human.

MICKEY: Thank you. Grace, there is one other thing...

GRACE: What...

MICKEY: You're right.

SCAGNETTI: I was reading the file on you. You know what it said during your trial, whenever they put you on the stand, no matter what they asked, your answer was always the same... "I love Mickey." It also says that when they gave you a polygraph, "I love Mickey" was the only thing you said that registered as the truth.

WAYNE: Do you miss Mallory?

MICKEY: Of course, I miss Mallory. She's my wife. I haven't seen her in a long time. What a stupid question.

WAYNE: You just said an instant of purity was preferrable to a lifetime lie. I don't understand. What's so pure about forty-eight dead bodies?

MICKEY: You'll never understand. Me and you, Wayne, we're not even the same species. I used to be you...then I evolved. From where you're standing, you're a man. From where I'm standing, you're a ape. I'm here...I'm right here... and're somewhere else, man. You say why? I say why not?

WAYNE: Describe Mallory.

MICKEY: Describe Mallory? Okay. She's pretty, she's got blonde hair, two eyes, two feet, two hands, ten fingers...

WAYNE: Don't play dumb with me, Mickey. You know what I mean. Describe Mallory. What's up here? What's in here?

MICKEY: That's indescribable.

WAYNE: Well, riddle me this, Batman. How do you feel about the fact that you're never gonna see Mallory again?

MICKEY: Says who?

WAYNE: Says the United States of America.

MICKEY: When have they ever been right?

MICKEY: But I came to the direction I need a gun. So, the next day I started off early for work, and I'm gonna stop by a gun shop and pick up a little home protection. I walked into the placeand had never seen so many guns in all my life. So, I'm lookin' around, the this really nice sales guy comes up to me. His name was Warren. I'll never forget his name. He was really nice.Anyway, Warren showed me all these different models of guns. Magnums, automatics, pistols, Walters. And I ask to see a shotgun. He brings me a Mossberg pump action shotgun. As soon as I held that baby in my hands, I knew what I was gonna do. It felt so good. It felt like it was a part of me. They had a mirror in the store. I looked at myself holding it, and looked so fuckin' good, I immediately bought it. Bought a bunch of boxes of ammo. Turned my car around, drove to Mallory's house, we took care of Mallory's parents, packed up the car, and we were off.

Everybody thought I'd gone crazy. The cops, my mom, everybody. But you see,they all missed the point of the story. I wasn't crazy. But when I was holding the shotgun, it all became clear. I realized for the first time my one true calling in life. I'm a natural born killer.

MICKEY: I am the most dangerous man in the world.

WARREN RED CLOUD: Once upon a time, a woman was picking up firewood. She came upon a poisonous snake frozen in the snow. She took the snake home and nursed it back to health. One day the snake bit her on the cheek. As she lay dying, she asked the snake, "Why have you done this to me?" And the snake answered, "Look, bitch, you knew I was a snake."

MICKEY: We'll be living in all the oceans now.

REPORTER: Do you have anything to say to your fans?

MICKEY: You ain't seen nothin' yet.

WAYNE: No one is born evil, Mickey. It's something you learn.

WAYNE: So tell me. How can you look at an ordinary person, an innocent guy with kids, and then shoot him to death. I mean, how can you bring yourself to do that?

MICKEY: Innocent? Who-who's innocent, Wayne? Are you innocent?

WAYNE: I'm innocent? Yes I am. Of murder? Definitely.

MICKEY: It's just murder, man. You know all God's creatures do it in some form or another. I mean, you look in the forest, you got species killing other species. Our species killing all species including the forest, and we just call it industry, not murder. But I know a lot of people who deserve to die.

WAYNE: Why do they deserve to die?

MICKEY: I believe they got something in their past, some sin, some awful secret thing. A lot of people walking around out there already dead. They just need to be put out of their misery. That's where I come in. Fate's messenger.

MICKEY: Mister rabbit says, "A moment of realization is worth a thousand prayers."

MCCLUSKY: Just how far do you think you're gonna get?!

MICKEY: Right out the front door!

MCCLUSKY: That will never happen!

MICKEY: It is happenin'.

MCCLUSKY: I will personally hunt you down, blow the head off your fucking whore wife, and plant your sick ass in the ground all by myself!

MICKEY: Another day, perhaps, but not today!

WAYNE: I thought a bond developed betwen us!

MICKEY: No. Not really. You're scum, Wayne; you did it for RATINGS. You don't give a shit about us or anybody else except yourself; that's why nobody gives a shit about YOU. That's why "helicopters" were not "deployed."

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