Confidence Man (108)

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Confidence Man
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Man of Science, Man of Faith
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The Long Con
One of Them
Maternity Leave
The Whole Truth
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Three Minutes
Live Together, Die Alone

Season 3
A Tale of Two Cities
The Glass Ballerina
Further Instructions
Every Man for Himself
The Cost of Living
I Do
Not in Portland
Flashes Before Your Eyes
Stranger in a Strange Land
Tricia Tanaka is Dead
Enter 77
Par Avion
The Man from Tallahassee

BOONE: Ahh! Jack, it's fine. It's just a scrape.

JACK: Yeah. Lots of scrapes today. I'm running out of peroxide.

BOONE: He just jumped me, man.

JACK: Why?

BOONE: Shannon has asthma.

JACK: Asthma?

BOONE: Yeah.

JACK: Never seen her have an attack before.

BOONE: Because she had an inhaler. She sneaks hits when no one's looking. She's just been embarrassed about it since she was a little kid. I guess breathing's not cool.

JACK: Had an inhaler?

BOONE: It ran out a couple days ago. But it had four refills, which should have been enough for a couple months. But she always forgets her medication, so I put it in my suitcase. Today I see that jackass reading "Watership Down" --

JACK: You're losing me.

BOONE: It was in my bags -- the stuff that I checked. If he has my book, he has my luggage. If he has the luggage, he has the inhalers.

JACK: You attacked a kid for trying to help his sick sister.

SAWYER: No, I whooped a thief 'cause he was going through my stuff.

JACK: Yours? What makes it yours?

SAWYER: -- Which I had to move because everybody wants to help themselves.

JACK: You can just take something out of a suitcase, and that makes it yours?

SAWYER: Look, I don't know want kind of commie share-fest you're running over in cave town, but down here possession's nine-tenths and a man's got a right to protect his property.

JESSICA: You told me you were going to Baton Rouge to close a deal.

SAWYER: Just trust me. There isn't any time to explain. I'm already late. If I miss this meeting, the whole deal's a bust, all right? That's everything I have. A hundred and forty thousand. There's an oil mining operation in the Gulf of Mexico. Drilling platforms. Three hundred thousand dollars buys you one share. But as soon as you invest, a government-sponsored fund kicks in and triples your money in two weeks. Triples it.

JESSICA: Three hundred thousand?


JESSICA: You got $140,000?

SAWYER: I found an investor in Toronto. He wants in fifty-fifty. Two weeks, we'll be splitting almost a million bucks. Jess, this is my chance.

JESSICA: There's another option.

SAWYER: Yeah? What's that?

JESSICA: That I give you the hundred and sixty thousand and we split the profit.

SAWYER: Yeah, and how in the hell are you gonna scare up a hundred and sixty thousand bucks?

JESSICA: My husband.

KATE: What do you want?

SAWYER: Excuse me?

KATE: What do you want, Sawyer?

SAWYER: Freckles, I got so many answers to that question, I wouldn't even know where to start.

KATE: What do you want for the inhalers?

SAWYER: Ah. Good question. Hang on a tick. What do I want? A kiss ought to do it.

KATE: What?

SAWYER: A kiss. From you, right now.

KATE: I don't buy it.

SAWYER: Buy what?

KATE: The act. You try too hard, Sawyer. I ask you to help a woman who can't breathe, and you want me to kiss you? Nobody's that disgusting.

KATE: I've seen you, you know.

SAWYER: Seen me what?

KATE: With that piece of paper. The one you keep in your pocket. I've seen the expression on your face when you read it, and how carefully you fold it up. It means something to you. So you can play games all you want, but I know there's a human being in there somewhere. Give me the medication.

SAWYER: You think you understand me.

KATE: Yeah. I think I have a --

SAWYER: Shut up! You want to know what kind of human being I am? Read it. Read it! Out loud.

KATE: "Dear Mr. Sawyer, you don't know who I am, but I know who you are, and I know what you've done. You had sex with my mother, and then you stole my dad's money all away. So he got angry, and he killed my mother. And then he killed himself, too."

SAWYER: Don't stop now. You're getting to the good part.

KATE: "All I know is your name, but one of these days I'm gonna find you, and I'm gonna give you this letter so you'll remember what you done to me. You killed my parents, Mr. Sawyer."

SAYID: Locke, where were you last night around sunset?

LOCKE: Well, I'm afraid the only witness to my whereabouts is the boar that I was skinning for our dinner. I heard you were trying to send out a distress call, so it would seem whoever attacked you has a reason for not wanting to get off the island. Maybe someone who is profiting from our current circumstances. And from what I've seen, you and Mr. Sawyer share a certain animosity.

SAYID: No, he has an alibi. Just before I was struck, he set off a bottle rocket, a signal we'd worked out two kilometers away. He couldn't have had the time to go from --

LOCKE: Unless he found a way to time-delay the fuse on his rocket.

SAYID: How could he possibly have --

LOCKE: Anyone who watches television knows how to improvise a slow fuse. Use a cigarette.

CLAIRE: Warm, fluffy towels. Your turn.

CHARLIE: Uh ... banoffie pie.

CLAIRE: You already said that.

CHARLIE: Toffy and cream -- mmm.

CLAIRE: Is food the only thing that you miss?

CHARLIE: You're pregnant. I mean, do you not crave anything? Pickles, fried ice cream, chocolate --

CLAIRE: Peanut butter. I'm the only Australian who loves peanut butter.

JACK: Shannon, listen to me. Look at me. Look at me. You need to listen now. This isn't just the asthma. It's anxiety.


JACK: It's in your head. Yes. You know that your medicine's run out and you're panicking, but, Shannon, Shannon, look at me. But we can fight this together, okay? Nod your head, Shannon. Good. Breathe in -

BOONE: She needs her inhaler.

JACK: Boone! Breathe in through the nose slowly. No, no, no, no. In through the nose like this. You can do this, Shannon. You can do it. In through the nose. You got your breath. Your color's coming back. See, I knew you could do this. You feel it?


JACK: It's passing. Okay. Again. In through the nose. All right. Just keep doing that. Keep breathing like that. That's perfect. Good job. Keep her relaxed. Do not let her panic.

BOONE: Yeah.

HURLEY: Wow, man, that was awesome. I mean, that was like a ... Jedi moment.

SAYID: Jack! What will happen if she doesn't get her medicine? Then we have to make Sawyer give it to us.

JACK: Yeah? That's what I'm gonna do.

SAYID: No, not you. Me. I served five years in The Republican Guard.

JACK: I thought you were a communications officer.

SAYID: Part of my training entailed getting the enemy to communicate. Just give me ten minutes with him. He'll give us the medicine. Is that a yes?

JACK: Yes.

HURLEY: Food from the plane's been gone over a week, Dude.

CHARLIE: What, no secret stash for emergencies? You and jack have got a bunch of stuff in that cave.

HURLEY: Sorry, man. No peanut butter, no peanuts, no nothing.

CHALRIE: Yeah, but there's got to be something. I mean, look at you.

HURLEY: Look at what?

CHARLIE: No, no, listen --

HURLEY: Fat guy hoarding the food? Is that what you think?

CHARLIE: No! It's just we've been here for two weeks, you know, and you've not really -

HURLEY: Slimmed down much?

CHARLIE: All I need's a bag of peanuts.

HURLEY: I have no food, all right? And for the record, I'm down a notch on my belt.


HURLEY: I'm a big guy. It's gonna be a while before you're gonna wanna give me a piggy-back ride, okay?

CHALRIE: Sorry. Sorry. That was bad form.

HURLEY: Yeah, I'm used to it.

CHARLIE: So, not even a bag of --


CHARLIE: Okay. All right, I'm sorry.

SAYID: We do not have bamboo in Iraq. Although we do have something similar -- reeds. But their effect is the same ... when the chutes are inserted underneath the fingernails.

SAWYER: You know what I think, Ali? I think you've never actually tortured anybody in your life.

SAYID: Unfortunately for us both, you're wrong.

SAWYER: That's it? That's all you got? Splinters? No wonder we kicked your ass in the Gulf -

KATE: So I'm here. Where is it?

SAWYER: Happy to tell you as soon as I get that kiss.

KATE: What? Are you serious?

SAWYER: Baby, I am tied to a tree in the Jungle of Mystery. I just got tortured by a damn spinal surgeon and a genuine Iraqi. Of course I'm serious. You're just not seeing the big picture here, Freckles. Are you really gonna let that girl suffocate 'cause you can't bring yourself to give me one little kiss? Hell, it's only first base. Lucky for you, I ain't greedy.

SAWYER: I don't have it.

KATE: What?

SAWYER: The medicine. I don't have it. I never did.

SAWYER: Let go. I know you want to.

JACK: Shut up, and stop moving.

SAWYER: You've been waiting for this, haven't you? Now you get to be a hero again, 'cause that's what you do. You fix everything up all nice. Time to let go, Freckles. We already made out. What else I got to live for? Hey, Jack, there's something you should know. If the tables were turned ... I'd watch you die.

KATE: I read it again. And then again, because I've been trying to figure out why you beat up Boone instead of just telling him you didn't have his sister's medication. Why you pretended to have it anyway. The thing that I keep coming back around to is that you want to be hated. Then I looked at the envelope. "America's Bicentennial. Knoxville, Tennessee." You were just a kid. Eight. Maybe nine years old. This letter wasn't written to you. You wrote this letter. Your name's not Sawyer, is it?

SAWYER: It was his name. He was a Confidence Man. Romanced my mama to get to the money. Wiped them out clean, left a mess behind. So I wrote that letter. I wrote it knowing one day I'd find him. But that ain't the sad part. When I was nineteen, I needed six grand to pay these guys off I was in trouble with. So I found a pretty lady with a dumb husband who had some money. And I got him to give it to me. How's that for a tragedy? I became the man I was hunting. I became "Sawyer".

KATE: Sayid.

SAYID: I can't stay here.

KATE: What?

SAYID: I'm leaving. I don't know for how long.

KATE: Sayid, you can't. We still don't know what's out there.

SAYID: I have worse things to fear than what's in the jungle. What I did today ... what I almost did ... I swore to do never again. If I can't keep that promise, I have no right to be here.

KATE: There's nowhere to go.

SAYID: Someone has to walk the shore and map the island, see what else there is. I can't think of a better person to do it than the only one I trust. I hope we meet again.