... In Translation (117)

Season 1
Pilot (1)
Pilot (2)
Tabula Rasa
White Rabbit
House Of The Rising Sun
The Moth
Confidence Man
Raised By Another
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Whatever The Case May
Hearts And Minds
... In Translation
Deux Ex Machina
Do No Arms
The Greater Good
Born To Run
Exodus (1)
Exodus (2)
Exodus (3)

Season 2
Man of Science, Man of Faith
Everybody Hates Hugo
... And Found
The Other 48 Days
What Kate Did
The 23rd Psalm
The Hunting Party
Fire & Water
The Long Con
One of Them
Maternity Leave
The Whole Truth
Two for the Road
Three Minutes
Live Together, Die Alone

Season 3
A Tale of Two Cities
The Glass Ballerina
Further Instructions
Every Man for Himself
The Cost of Living
I Do
Not in Portland
Flashes Before Your Eyes
Stranger in a Strange Land
Tricia Tanaka is Dead
Enter 77
Par Avion
The Man from Tallahassee

MR. PAIK: What would you do for my daughter?

JIN: Anything.

MR. PAIK: Even work for me?

JIN: Of course.

MR. PAIK: Why would I give my daughter to a man who sells his own dreams so easily?

JIN: Because... she is my dream. Sir.

SUN: Michael? I'm sorry.

MICHAEL: Don't worry. I stuck my nose where it didn't belong. It's on me.

SUN: You must understand...

MICHAEL: Look, all understand is that I got to get this raft finished so I can get my boy out of here and take him home.

SUN: When I slapped you, I was protecting you.

MICHAEL: Oh, yeah? From what?

SUN: From Jin. You don't know what he's capable of.

SHANNON: I tied this side down. Do you think this is gonna hold?

SAYID: Do you have a past in the Navy you've neglected to tell me about?


SAYID: How does a woman like you learn how to tie a perfect bolin knot?

SHANNON: By dating guys with sailboats.

SAYID: Since you bring it up, I've been worried since I first met you that you might end up being a spinster.

SHANNON: Spending my Saturday nights alone at home... tying knots?

SAYID: Perhaps with an overweight aunt. It's a very sad image.

SHANNON: Maybe we should get some rope, spend a Saturday night alone together, and see what happens.

JACK: Yeah, there's a lot of talk going on about who's going on this thing with you.

MICHAEL: Hey, man... it not the Queen Mary. I only got room for four people. There's one open spot.

JACK: Who took the other one?

SAWYER: What's the matter, doc? Feeling left out?

JACK: You're taking Sawyer with you?

SAWYER: Yep. Bought myself a ticket on this little tub. Let me tell you. The fare was steep. Could have used that cable to hold up the whole east wing of my new beach house.

JACK: You sold him a spot?

MICHAEL: I needed a halyard to the mast.

SAWYER: Good thing I'm a Saver, not a Spender, huh, Doc?

BOONE: What do you want?

SAYID: I'd like to talk to you about Shannon. It's very possible your sister and I are going to become more than just friends.

BOONE: What is this? Some Middle Eastern thing? You want my blessing or something?

SAYID: My hope is you won't object.

BOONE: Yeah?

SAYID: I was extending a courtesy, not asking your permission.

BOONE: Let me tell you about my sister. She likes older men -- guys that can take care of her. My guess is in this place you fit the bill. She'll make you feel like the greatest guy ever while you get her food, whatever it is she needs, and once she gets what she wants, she'll move on. When she does, don't take it personally, man.

SHANNON: Oh, gross!

LOCKE: Gross to you, dinner to me.

SHANNON: Boone -- where is he?

LOCKE: Don't know.

SHANNON: What do you mean, you don't know? You two are like jungle pals.

LOCKE: Sorry. I haven't seen him.

SHANNON: Well, if you do see him, tell him to keep his stupid mouth shut, and if he has something say, he can leave Sayid out of it and come say it to my face.

LOCKE: Should I be writing this down?

SHANNON: Just -- just tell him to stay the hell out of my business.

LOCKE: Do you like him?


LOCKE: Sayid.

SHANNON: Are you serious?

LOCKE: Because if you do... like him, what's it got to do with your brother? You're a grown woman. Sure, you can yell at Boone till you're blue in the face, but all you're doing is giving him what he wants.

SHANNON: Yeah, what's that?

LOCKE: Your attention. Everyone gets a new life on this land, Shannon. Maybe it's time you start yours.

LOCKE: Why would he burn the raft?

MICHAEL: He's been after me since day one! Everybody knows it!

LOCKE: Okay, it's personal. But why take it out on our best chance at getting off the island? Why would any one of us block an attempt to get home? We're so intent on pointing the finger at one another that we're ignoring the simple undeniable truth that the problem isn't here, it's there! They've attacked us! Sabotaged us, abducted us, murdered us. Maybe it's time we stop blaming us and started worrying about them. We're not the only people on this island, and we all know it!

FATHER: What is she like?

JIN: Beautiful. Intelligent. Hardheaded. We don't talk anymore.

FATHER: Why not?

JIN: Because I can't tell her... about her father. In a good world... she would hate him, not me.

FATHER: Jin-Soo. It is a good world.

JIN: You don't know what I've done.

FATHER: You are my son. It does not matter what you've done.

JIN: I wish I could start over.

FATHER: Why can't you?

JIN: I have responsibilities.

FATHER: More important than your wife?

JIN: Her father wants me to deliver watches to his associates in Sydney and Los Angeles.

FATHER: Then let that be the last thing you do for him, Jin-Soo... then walk away. Don't come back. Go to America... save your marriage.

LOCKE: Got yourself an opponent?

WALT: Hurley owes me $83,000.

LOCKE: Hey, you mind if I ask you something?

WALT: Sure.

LOCKE: Why did you burn the raft, Walt? Don't worry. I'm not gonna tell. You must have had a really good reason.

WALT: I don't want to move anymore. I've been moving places my whole life. I like it here.

LOCKE: I like it here, too.