Stranger in a Strange Land (309)

Season 1
Pilot (1)
Pilot (2)
Tabula Rasa
White Rabbit
House Of The Rising Sun
The Moth
Confidence Man
Raised By Another
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Whatever The Case May
Hearts And Minds
... In Translation
Deux Ex Machina
Do No Arms
The Greater Good
Born To Run
Exodus (1)
Exodus (2)
Exodus (3)

Season 2
Man of Science, Man of Faith
Everybody Hates Hugo
... And Found
The Other 48 Days
What Kate Did
The 23rd Psalm
The Hunting Party
Fire & Water
The Long Con
One of Them
Maternity Leave
The Whole Truth
Two for the Road
Three Minutes
Live Together, Die Alone

Season 3
A Tale of Two Cities
The Glass Ballerina
Further Instructions
Every Man for Himself
The Cost of Living
I Do
Not in Portland
Flashes Before Your Eyes
Stranger in a Strange Land
Tricia Tanaka is Dead
Enter 77
Par Avion
The Man from Tallahassee

TOM: Time to get up. We're moving you.

JACK: Moving me where?

TOM: Some place else, Jack.

JACK: Why? So this is it, huh?

TOM: It?

JACK: You just helped me save his life. If you're going to kill me, at least show me the respect of not calling it "moving."

TOM: Now, why would we kill you?

JACK: Because you're done with me.

TOM: What kind of people do you think we are, Jack?

JACK: Oh, I don't know, Tom -- the kind of people that would take a pregnant woman -- that would hang Charlie from a tree -- would grab our people out of the jungle -- would kidnap children. That's the kind of people I think you are.

TOM: You see this glass house you're living in, Jack? How about I get you some stones? Let's do this the easy way -- what do you say?

KATE: So, you don't actually live on that island?

KARL: Nope.

KATE: Do you live here on this island?

KARL: Yes, ma'am.

KATE: And what did you do with the people that you took - the kids?

KARL: We give them a better life.

KATE: Better than what?

KARL: Better than yours. There's not going to be any moon tonight. It'll be dark. Me and Alex used to lie in my backyard at night and think up names for the constellations. You can't see it yet, but right there will be Ursa Theodorus - the Teddy Bear.

SAWYER: You have backyards?

KARL: Yeah.

SAWYER: Well, ain't that quaint.

KARL: Ow!! What the hell was that for?!

SAWYER: So you'd cowboy up. Crying in the jungle -- I thought you people were supposed to be tough.

KARL: I am tough.

SAWYER: Sure you are, Bobby. Bobby, the Brady Bunch?

KARL: What the hell's the Brady Bunch?

SAWYER: Okay, anyway look, Karl -- I've been with a lot of girls -- some of them worth the trouble, some not. Every now and again there's one -- one you name dumb stars with. So this girl, Sally Slingshot --

KARL: Alex.

SAWYER: Yeah. Do you love her?

KARL: More than anything.

SAWYER: Then go back to wherever the hell your yards are and get her back.

KARL: If I get caught -- they'll kill me this time.

SAWYER: Well, at least it'll be worth it.

JACK: I wouldn't do that!

BEN: The cavalry has arrived, at last.

JACK: I'd be more impressed with you people if you had a good surgeon.

BEN: We had an excellent surgeon, Jack. His name was Ethan.