Par Avion (312)

Season 1
Pilot (1)
Pilot (2)
Tabula Rasa
White Rabbit
House Of The Rising Sun
The Moth
Confidence Man
Raised By Another
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Whatever The Case May
Hearts And Minds
... In Translation
Deux Ex Machina
Do No Arms
The Greater Good
Born To Run
Exodus (1)
Exodus (2)
Exodus (3)

Season 2
Man of Science, Man of Faith
Everybody Hates Hugo
... And Found
The Other 48 Days
What Kate Did
The 23rd Psalm
The Hunting Party
Fire & Water
The Long Con
One of Them
Maternity Leave
The Whole Truth
Two for the Road
Three Minutes
Live Together, Die Alone

Season 3
A Tale of Two Cities
The Glass Ballerina
Further Instructions
Every Man for Himself
The Cost of Living
I Do
Not in Portland
Flashes Before Your Eyes
Stranger in a Strange Land
Tricia Tanaka is Dead
Enter 77
Par Avion
The Man from Tallahassee

KATE: Why don't you just tell us if we're going to right way?

MIKHAIL: You're going the right way.

LOCKE: Remind me why we're keeping him alive.

SAYID: What do you suggest; we shoot him like a dog?

LOCKE: No, I like dogs.

KATE: Can I ask you something? I told you that your daughter was living with them, and you haven't asked me a single question about her, you haven't-

ROUSSEAU: Your friend, Jack. Do you care about him?

KATE: Yes.

ROUSSEAU: Imagine sixteen years from now, you're told he's still alive, but in your heart, you know that he wouldn't remember you, he wouldn't know you. He wouldn't even know that you ever cared about him. I haven't asked you questions about my daughter, because I do not want to know the answers.

KATE: So your people, they can just come and go whenever they want?

MIKHAIL: Oh yes, but two weeks ago, our underwater beacon stopped emitting its locator signal. There was an event, an electromagnetic pulse. It would be impossible to come back.

KATE: Why would you want to come back?

MIKHAIL: You would not understand.

KATE: Try me.

MIKHAIL: I misspoke. What I meant to say is you are not capable of understanding.

KATE: And why am I not capable?

SAYID: Kate.

MIKHAIL: Because you are not on the list.

KATE: What list?

MIKHAIL: The man who brought me here, who brought all of my people here, he is a magnificent man.

KATE: If Ben's so magnificent, then why did he need one of us to save him?

MIKHAIL: Ben? Ben is not. I will try to make this as simple as I can. You are not on the list because you are flawed. Because you are angry, and weak, and frightened.

SAYID: The more I learn about your people, the more I suspect you're not as omniscient as you'd have us believe. Don't speak to us as if you know us.

MIKHAIL: Of course I don't know you, Sayid Jarrah. How could I? And you, Kate Austen, are a complete stranger to me. But you John Locke, you I might have a fleeting memory of, but I must be confused, because the John Locke I know was paral-

CLAIRE: Aunt Lindsey, err, what's going on here? Who is he?

LINDSEY: It doesn't matter, just go.

CHRISTIAN: Maybe you should tell her, Lindsey. She deserves to know.

LINDSEY: Please, just leave us alone.

CHRISTIAN: You are not the arbiter here.

LINDSEY: No, you are taking advantage of my-

CHRISTIAN: Under these circumstances, I do believe that Claire has every right to know!

CLAIRE: Just stop it! You are the one paying the bills? Are you the one taking care of all this?


CLAIRE: Then who are you?

CHRISTIAN: I'm your father, Claire.

CLAIRE: How did you know it was gonna be here?

DESMOND: I didn't.

CLAIRE: Yes you did, you had to. That's what you and Charlie were arguing about. You knew.

DESMOND: How would I?

CLAIRE: I don't know, but you know, you walked straight here, no doubt at all about where you were going. You came right to this beach and right to this rock, and lo and behold, there's the bird. What the hell is going on Desmond?

DESMOND: See that spot over there? That's where Charlie slipped and fell in and got pounded again and again by the rocks and broke his neck.

CLAIRE: What? What are you talking about?

DESMOND: That's where Charlie died.