The Greater Good (121)

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The Greater Good
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Man of Science, Man of Faith
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One of Them
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Three Minutes
Live Together, Die Alone

Season 3
A Tale of Two Cities
The Glass Ballerina
Further Instructions
Every Man for Himself
The Cost of Living
I Do
Not in Portland
Flashes Before Your Eyes
Stranger in a Strange Land
Tricia Tanaka is Dead
Enter 77
Par Avion
The Man from Tallahassee

MELISSA COLE: I'm Melissa Cole from Central Intelligence. This is Robert Hewitt from A.S.I.S. We're here because you're going to do us a favor.

SAYID: A favor?

ROBERT HEWITT: Last week 300 pounds of C-4 explosives were stolen from an army base outside of Melbourne. The men responsible are members of a terrorist cell intent on disrupting the coalition presence in Iraq. Three hundred pounds of C-4. I want it back.

SAYID: You're the CIA. Plant a few bugs.

MELISSA COLE: Oh, we have. But you're going to get inside for us.

SAYID: I am Iraqi. I am not a terrorist.

MELISSA COLE: We didn't snatch you up because you were a terrorist, Sayid. We snatched you up because you know one.

ROBERT HEWITT: Essam Tazia. Your roommate at Cairo University. He's a member of the cell.

SAYID: And why should I care?

ROBERT HEWITT: You'd be saving lives.

SAYID: I repeat, why should I care?

MELISSA COLE: Because we know where she is.

KATE: You're walking in circles. You need to come back.

JACK: Not without Locke.

KATE: You haven't slept. You gave Boone your own blood--

JACK: Locke lied.

KATE: Well, now you're --

JACK: He lied, Kate. Boone did not fall off any cliff. His leg was crushed. And I based my medical treatment on his lie!

SAYID: Listen to me. I can get Essam to turn himself in. He wants out.

MELISSA COLE: Does he know where the C-4 is?

SAYID: The other two are the ones you want. Essam's confused --

MELISSA COLE: Does he know where it is?


MELISSA COLE: Then he's useless. These cells run top down. It's all need-to-know. The recruit's handed a bomb and a target at the last possible moment. The only way to find that C-4 is to wait for Essam to walk out that door with a target to hit.

SAYID: He's in over his head. He doesn't even know why he's doing it.

MELISSA COLE: That's why you're gonna convince him to go through with it.

SAYID: No. No, I will not.


SAYID: I'm done. It's over.

ROBERT HEWITT: No, no, you're not even close to being done, my friend.

SAYID: What are you going to do, arrest me?

MELISSA COLE: No. We'll arrest her. Your girlfriend's an Iraqi living abroad with a record of insurgency. Wouldn't it be terrible if she got picked up as an enemy combatant, Sayid? So if you want any chance of ever seeing her again, you're gonna go and talk your good friend Essam into blowing himself up.

LOCKE: Now you're armed and I'm not. Does that earn me any trust?

SAYID: You gave this to me because I caught you concealing it. That earns you adaptability.

LOCKE: Okay, I'll tell you something you don't know.

SAYID: Please do.

LOCKE: The first week after the crash, there was a cave-in. Jack was trapped. You remember that?

SAYID: Of course.

LOCKE: You, Kate, and Sawyer went out into the jungle to triangulate a signal.


LOCKE: You were hit from behind, knocked unconscious. When you woke up, the transceiver, your equipment was destroyed. That was me.

SAYID: This is one time you'd better not be telling the truth!

LOCKE: I did what was in everyone's best interest.

SAYID: You ruined my chance to find the source!

LOCKE: The source of a distress call that kept saying they're dead, it killed them all over and over? Is that a place you really want to lead people to?

SAYID: Why wait all this time? Why not tell me then?

LOCKE: Because back then you wouldn't have engaged in reasonable debate. And nobody else would have. You were all so focused on getting off the island that you weren't seeing things clearly.

SAYID: You would not be a martyr if you didn't have to overcome fear, Essam.

ESSAM TAZIA: I am not afraid to die. It's all the innocent lives. All those people. The imam preaches peace, Sayid. That every human life is sacred.

SAYID: It's true, innocent lives will be lost in service of a greater good.

ESSAM TAZIA: What if I'm doing this because I'm angry? What if I'm doing this because they killed her?

SAYID: What if you are? Should we just accept what happened to Zara? What about all the others like her? Do we just accept their deaths? Because if we do, it means ultimately we care nothing about them. I lost someone, too, Essam. I will never be whole again. There need to be consequences for those responsible. That's my duty. That is how I will honor her.

ESSAM TAZIA: Haddad was right. It was fate that brought us back together. Sayid ... will you do this with me?

SAYID: I will.

MELISSA COLE: She lives in Irvine, California, just south of Los Angeles. Works as a lab technician in a medical testing company. Plane ticket, walking-around money. You're on an Oceanic flight to L.A. It leaves in two hours.

SAYID: What happens to his body?

MELISSA COLE: He was a terrorist, so he's not exactly getting a state funeral.

SAYID: What happens to his body?

ROBERT HEWITT: After it's released, he'll be cremated.

SAYID: A Muslim man is supposed to be buried.

ROBERT HEWITT: Yeah, well, there's no one to claim the body.

SAYID: I'll claim him.

ROBERT HEWITT: You can't claim him when you're on a plane in two hours, mate.

SAYID: Then change my flight to tomorrow.