What Kate Did (209)

Season 1
Pilot (1)
Pilot (2)
Tabula Rasa
White Rabbit
House Of The Rising Sun
The Moth
Confidence Man
Raised By Another
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Whatever The Case May
Hearts And Minds
... In Translation
Deux Ex Machina
Do No Arms
The Greater Good
Born To Run
Exodus (1)
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Exodus (3)

Season 2
Man of Science, Man of Faith
Everybody Hates Hugo
... And Found
The Other 48 Days
What Kate Did
The 23rd Psalm
The Hunting Party
Fire & Water
The Long Con
One of Them
Maternity Leave
The Whole Truth
Two for the Road
Three Minutes
Live Together, Die Alone

Season 3
A Tale of Two Cities
The Glass Ballerina
Further Instructions
Every Man for Himself
The Cost of Living
I Do
Not in Portland
Flashes Before Your Eyes
Stranger in a Strange Land
Tricia Tanaka is Dead
Enter 77
Par Avion
The Man from Tallahassee

MICHAEL: Alright, so you've been pushing that button every 2 hours since you got down here.

LOCKE: That's right.

MICHAEL: How does that even work?

LOCKE: I set up 2 person shifts -- 6 hours -- everyone's on the roster.

MICHAEL: Don't they want to know why?

LOCKE: I think the film's pretty self-explanatory.

MICHAEL: Really? All I heard was something about electro-magnets and an incident. What about all the missing pieces?

LOCKE: Oh, you mean the splices? Yeah, just a frame here and there, I think -- nothing important. What do you think? About the film -- what do you think?

MARSHAL: Why now?

KATE: What?

MARSHAL: Nice, corn-fed farm girl like yourself -- no history of violence, straight A's, no record, couple of speeding tickets -- just got to wonder, why'd you kill him now? Oh, right, yeah, don't tell me. You wouldn't want to incriminate yourself, not after you were so smart planning it. That jury back in Iowa sure ain't going to get hung up on pre-meditation. And a gas leak, come on, it's amateur hour from top to bottom.

KATE: Sounds like you've got it all figured out.

MARSHAL: I do have you all figured out.

KATE: You don't know anything about me.

MARSHAL: White trash mom divorces dad, starts up with some guy who's a drinker. He knocks her around a little bit, she marries him, because, you know, that's what happens. And then this drunk, this Wayne, he moves into your house, and you get to lay there every night and listen to him doing your mom right there in daddy's old bedroom. And even that wouldn't be so bad if he didn't beat her up all the time. But she loves him. She defends him. If that don't make a person want to kill somebody I don't know what does. But the question is now, why now? Why after all these years did you just decide to blow poor Wayne up? He come knocking on your door late at night?

KATE: He never touched me.

EKO: Hello. I have something I think you should see. If you don't mind, I will begin at the beginning. Long before Christ the king of Judah was a man named Josiah.

LOCKE: Boy when you say beginning, you mean beginning.

EKO: At that time the temple where the people worshipped was in ruin. And so the people worshipped idols, false gods. And so the kingdom was in disarray. Josiah, since he was a good king, sent his secretary to the treasury and said: "We must rebuild the temple. Give all of the gold to the workers so that this will be done." But when the secretary returned, he had no gold. And when Josiah asked why this was the secretary replied, "We found a book." Do you know this story?

LOCKE: No, I'm afraid I don't.

EKO: What the secretary had found was an ancient book -- the Book of Law. You may know it as the Old Testament. And it was with that ancient book, not with the gold, that Josiah rebuilt the temple. On the other side of the island we found a place much like this, and in this place we found a book. I believe what's inside there will be of great value to you.

KATE: Why didn't you tell me, Dad?

AUSTEN: Tell you what?

KATE: I was making a scrapbook -- a surprise for your birthday. So I called one of your COs to get some pictures of you in uniform. The pictures that he sent me had dates on the back -- photos of you in Korea up until 4 months before I was born. Why didn't you tell me that Wayne was my father? Why?

AUSTEN: I didn't tell you because I knew you'd kill him. And your mother loved him. You were 5 years old. I wanted to take you along with me. She wouldn't let me.

KATE: So why didn't you kill him?

AUSTEN: Because I don't have murder in my heart.

KATE: Can you hear me? Sawyer? Wayne? I'm probably crazy and this doesn't matter, but maybe you're in there somehow. But you asked me a question. You asked me why I -- why I did it. It wasn't because you drove my father away, or the way you looked at me, or because you beat her. It's because I hated that you were a part of me -- that I would never be good. That I would never have anything good. And every time that I look at Sawyer -- every time I feel something for him -- I see you, Wayne. It makes me sick.

SAWYER: That's about the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

KATE: Sawyer?

SAWYER: Who the hell's Wayne? I'm in a bunk-bed?

KATE: Yeah, you're in a bunk-bed.

SAWYER: Are we saved?

KATE: No, Sawyer. Not yet.

LOCKE: Voila. What are the odds?

EKO: The odds?

LOCKE: Here, hold this down on the table there nice and flat. I mean, think about it. Somebody made this film. Someone else cut this piece out. We crash -- 2 halves of the same plane fall in different parts of the island -- you're over there, I'm over here. And now, here's the missing piece right back where it belongs. What are the odds?

EKO: Don't mistake coincidence for fate.

JACK: Tequila and tonic, that's your drink, right?

ANA: Where's the tonic?

JACK: We're running a little low on mixers.

ANA: You sure you want to waste that on me?

JACK: Figured you could use a drink. I know I could.

ANA: Are you going to try to convince me that everyone here doesn't hate me?

JACK: Only if you're going to try to convince me that every woman in the world's not crazy.

THE FILM: When the alarm sounds, either you or your partner must input the code. It is highly recommended that you and your partner take alternating shifts. In this manner you will stay as fresh and alert utmost importance that when the alarm sounds the code be entered correctly, and in a timely fashion. Do not attempt to use the computer for anything else other than the entering of the code. This is its only function. The isolation that attends the duties associated with Station 3 may tempt you to try and utilize the computer for communication with the outside world. This is strictly forbidden. Attempting to use the computer in this manner will compromise the integrity of the project and worse, could lead to another incident. I repeat, do not use the computer for anything other than entering the code. Congratulations, until your replacements arrive, the future of the project is in your hands. On behalf of the DeGroots, Alvar Hanso and all of us at the Dharma Initiative, thank you. Namaste. And good luck.